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Greater Expectations

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The team received a thorough briefing of the current status of general education reform, first year experience, innovation curriculum, learning communities, undergraduate research, and summer programming. The briefing also included the project plan and goals, summary data from NSSE and Noel-Levitz reports, the recommendations from the Student Success Tiger Teams, the Innovation Working Group, and the latest from the General Education learning outcomes and curriculum working groups.


AAC&U faculty offered informative and interactive sessions throughout the first three days of the conference with a focus on features of:

  • inclusive excellence (issues of diversity)
  • leading institutional change (evolution/revolution)
  • implementation strategies (in tight economy)
  • barriers to change
  • assessment of change

amongst others. There were select opportunities each day of the conference to break out into our GE Team to discuss aspects of these presentations as pertained to our charge. Most of the productive work of the Team took place over a half-day period on Friday and a full day meeting Saturday, well into the evening. Throughout, there were opportunities to get pointed, directed feedback and input from the AAC&U faculty, which benefitted both brainstorming and strategic planning. Details of the conference can be viewed at http://www.aacu.org/meetings/gexinstitute/index.cfm


Initially, the GE Team felt it necessary to identify characteristics most desirable for the graduating RIT student and that this exercise would make it possible, then, to move from the end through to the beginning of the path a RIT student might take as part of their “RIT Experience”. In so doing, we could identify and evaluate the curricular, co-curricular, and student life elements of impact. In the end, the Team wanted to be able to walk through a case study example (“Michele”) of what we would hope for students as they move from pre-first year summer through to completion of degree requirements.