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Greater Expectations

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Every Great Community Has a Story To Tell - Meet Michelle.

As part of developing the Greater Expectation's Proposal, the team envisioned a pathway for RIT students from entry to graduation. This pathway was brought to life by mapping one possible combination of experiences by a fictitious student we named Michelle. This pathway through RIT includes curricular and co-curricular experiences across an entire undergraduate career that are interconnected and complementary. Many unique combinations would certainly exist but the ultimate vision was that ALL students would experience this type of integrated, innovative, and intentional path.

To follow Michelle on her journey, click along this timeline, which starts before her freshman year and ends at graduation.

To see Michelle's journey on a single page, click here for a pdf version.

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Michelle receives her Experience RIT package in the mail. The Experience RIT project, with its problem solving and interactive components connects Michelle to her Discovery instructor and faculty. Michelle looks forward to participating in RIT Orientation.