On Feburary 5th, the RIT community is joining an international global warming teach-in to help people understand and communicate the urgency of the crisis and the need for immediate action. Will you help?

National Teach-In on Global Warming

President Destler
National Teach In Website

Idea Factory
New! Congressman Eric Massa (NY 29th District)
Teleconference Q&A session on Government and Global Warming. Lisa Greenwood

SAU Dining area
RIT and Global Warming — Challenges and Opportunities
Pres. Destler will speak about the day’s events and RIT’s commitment to Sustainability initiatives. Expect an important announcement!
Interpreter requested

All Day Events

All day
(Especially 1:30)

All over campus
Visit from The Democrat & Chronicle
A reporter and photographer from Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle newspaper will be covering our Teach-In. We anticipate that the photographer will arrive on campus about 1:30, and that the reporter will be here much of the day.
All day

All over campus
Teach-In Video Documentary: Your conversation is invited.
Chantal Lichota and Elyse Remenowsky have set up a way for RIT faculty, staff and students to participate in the Teach-In no matter where they are during the day. We want your pictures of the Teach-In and what global warming means to you. Send your camera or camera-phone pictures - on Feb. 5-6 only - to teachinrit@gmail.com.
February 5-6

All over campus
Teach-In Collaborative Photo Project: Your photos are invited.
Look for the videocameras of Ralph Mastromonaco, who will be video-documenting our Teach-In and recording our multi-media messages to our elected officials. Ralph Mastromonaco

Schedule of Events


Building 13 Room 1350
Black Diamonds (Documentary) P. Swartzfager
Coal Mining through Mountaintop Removal: the recent Ash Dam Disaster in Tennessee is a result of such mining.

RIT Island on Second Life
RITchie in Second Life Katie MacDonald
Take a ride with RITchie the avatar in RIT's virtual electric car, plant a virtual tree, and learn other ways to combat global warming. Designed by Laura Wieme, Second Life Student Developer for Online Learning, and organized by Katie McDonald, Instructional Technologist for Online Learning, and Laura Shakelford, Assistant Professor for English at RIT.

The Athenaeum Building, 150 Research Bldv. Room 3
American Songbook Lyrics Lewis Neisner
In this class, emphasis will be placed on Class American songs about the weather — such as Blue Skies, Summertime, Stormy Weather, Come Rain or Come Shine, The Party's Over, Stardust and Call Me Irresponsible. After listening to each song, we will discuss its lyrics and how they might related to global warming.

Building 7b Room 3105
Screening of "First 100 Days" Webcast Lisa Greenwood
Captioned screening and discussion of "The First 100 Days" which will focus on the recommendations from The Presidential Climate Action Project. Half hour webcast, followed by half hour discussion (In-class -Principles of Environmental Management, but with some room for additional participants.)

Building 60
Environmental Risk Factors effects on the Human Immune System Angela Foreman
An LST Biotechnology class at NTID will focus on environmental risk factors effects on human immune system such as respiratory allergic diseases and asthma. Changes in the pollen season, urban pollination, and other plan attributes will be examined. Additionally, protein expression will be measured to evaluate their immunological responses.

Idea Factory
Panel: What RIT/Rochester can do NOW Jon Schull
A brainstorming/opportunity-identifying session shaped by ideas from the following RIT and local leaders: Jon Schull (RIT) - Potential RIT Green Initiatives; Jerdine Johnson (Manager of Energy Conservation for the City of Rochester) and Don Sweet (RIT) - Reducing Rochester's Carbon Footprint, Hugh Mitchell and Bob Siegel (Rochester Sierra Club) – Sustainability in Rochester; Clark Hochgraf and Clark Hochgraf and Scott Bellinger (RIT) - Learning through Electric Bikes; Dan Lampie and Ian Mikutel (RIT students) - Greenly.tv website

SLC MiniGym
Writing your body, writing your world Linda Reinfeld
In this workshop, we explore and increase our awareness of the internal and external climates in which our writing takes place, using movement and creative writing exercises, we tap into a deeper memory of our lives, finding our true story in what might be called "Poems of Our Climate." The class size will be limited to 30.
Maren Waldman, Guest

CAST bldg., McGowan Commons
SPEAKER: RIT’s new LEED Gold building
Witold Bujak, RIT Sustainability Manager, will lead a discussion and Q&A session on the energy conservation measures that earned LEED Gold status for RIT’s new College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) Building.

Building 82 Room 1150
CETEMS Sustainable Lunch Lisa Greenwood
We put far more energy into animals per unit of food than we do for any plant crop. To support carbon reduction efforts, CETEMS will hold a meatless potluck lunch, BYOT - preferred (bring your own tableware).
Open to CETEMS department faculty, staff and students.

Building 7 Room 4202
Methodological Issues in Climate Modeling (Discussion) Evelyn Brister
The computer models which simulate and analyze climate change make use of different, sometimes incompatible, assumptions. There is no single best climate model, but the suite of models is a useful tool for investigating various scenarios. This philosophy of science class will discuss methodological issues and their implications for the unity of science. Assigned text: Wendy Parker, "Understanding Pluralism in Climate Modeling," Foundations of Science (2006) 11: 349-368.

Building 08 Room A300
An Inconvenient Truth (film followed by discussion) Paul Grebinger
Al Gore led documentary on Global Warming, followed by a discussion.

Building 12 Room 3215
Engaging Religion in the Sustainability Movement (discussion) C. Keiner
Discussion of efforts to harness the power of religion to promote sustainability, in particular the evangelical Christian "creation care" movement.

Building 17 Room 3160
Climate What Is It? (mediated, interactive group discussion on the physics of climate change) Robert Kremens
What is climate, what is our understanding of climate, and what are climate drivers? Based on current science and the mediators understanding of global climate factors

NTID — CSD Student Development Center Room 1300/1310
SPEAKER: Answer the Call: Global Warming and You Erin Esposito
Presentation by Mr. Bradley Porche, ASL Al Gore Trainer. This presentation examines what Global Warming is, how man has contributed to increasing Global Warming v Nature's Catalysis, and how man can solve then climate crisis. Desserts and drinks will be served.
Interpreters have been requested

Idea Factory
Congressman Eric Massa (NY 29th District)
Teleconference Q&A session on Government and Global Warming. Lisa Greenwood

(KGCOE location tba)
SPEAKER: Alternative Energies Brian Thorn
Dr. Jan Kreider (UC Boulder), an expert on alternative energies, will visit KGCOE to present a research seminar (sponsored by a grant from the EPA and the Mechanical Engineering department.)

The Athenaeum Building, 150 Research Bldv. Room 3
Sherlock Holmes Lewis Neisner
In this class we will discuss several stories that took place on "A Foggy Day in London Town" in which weather played an important role. We will then try to make a connection between the weather in the story and global warming.

Building 5 Room A400
The Story of Stuff (short film and discussion and blogging) Xanthe Matychak
Viewing of Annie Leonard's short film, The Story of Stuff, then discussion the true cost of obsessive consumption. We will then go online to create a collective list of ways to make the world better.

Eastman Building Auditorium Room 2000
The Science of Global Warming Paige Sloan and Rhona Genzel
Joel Shore, Ph.D. Physics (Cornell University) will summarize some of the basic science of climate change, its effects, and potential solutions to the problem, as discussed in the reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Building 6 Room A205
PANEL: How the Liberal Arts Confront Climate Change: Creativity, Critique, and Social Change Dean Robert Ulin
Dean Robert Ulin will lead this question/discussion session in which the panelists will view Climate Change through the lens of their own study and experience as humanists and social scientists. The panelists are: Evelyn Brister (Philosophy), Paul Grebinger (Anthropology/Sociology), Christine Keiner (Science, Technology and Society) and James Winebrake (Science, Technology Society/Public Policy)

Building 60 Room 1400
What Makes a Gas a "Greenhouse Gas" Todd Pagano
Todd Pagano's class will discuss the interaction of light (electromagnetic spectrum) with matter, and specifically the molecular vibrations caused by infrared radiation. This will lead to an examination of why some gases in the atmosphere can cause global warming and others do not. Infrared spectra of individual greenhouse gases will be compared to the infrared spectra of our atmosphere.

SAU Dining area
RIT and Global Warming — Challenges and Opportunities
Pres. Destler will speak about the day’s events and RIT’s commitment to Sustainability.

SDC 1300
Environmental Game Show
Student Environmental Action League (SEAL) will be hosting its second jeopardy style gameshow featuring student teams in order to raise awareness about sustainability and global climate change. Audience members will also have the chance to win cool environmentally conscious prizes. The winning team will receive a monetary prize.

Building 76 Carlson Auditorium
Six Degrees Could Change The World Screening and discussion led by Rochester's Climate Change Central Community Resource Center
This National Geographic film visualized in spectacular HD the devastating ecological impact each single degree of temperature increase could have on our planet over the next century. According to the IPCC, Earth will warm up between 1.4 degrees Celsius and 5.8 degrees Celsius (roughly 2 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of this century.

SAU Brick City Café Discussion Tables

From 10 am to 6 pm, RIT's Student Alumni Union will serve as the epicenter for a variety of presentations and instructional demonstrations organized in response to the Global Warming National Teach-In.
10:00am-6:00pm 350 is the most important number on the planet.
Unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth. Come find out more about 350 and what you can do. Max Scott and David S Pearce-Smith
10:00am-6:00pm What We Buy
Students from the class "Innovating the Story" will conduct video interviews with the crowd in the SAU. We will discuss people’s recent purchases and assist in tracing those purchases "back to the sun." The data collected will be compiled into a book for publication. Mitch Rosen and Xanthe Matychak
10:00am-6:00pm Student Environmental Action League (SEAL)
Discussion and activity table. Nevin Byrd
10:00am-6:00pm GIFT Project Poster and Demonstration
Come see a “Google Maps” application that looks for the greenest route instead of the fastest route! Our “Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transportation (GIFT)” system is a GIS-based tool for optimizing shipping routes with respect to their environmental and economic impacts. What combination of truck, rail, and waterway transportation is best for both the environment and the financial bottom line? Scott Hawker
10:00am-6:00pm Basic Climate Change Science
Environmental Science research students will present basic climate change science, assisted by posters and a looping PowerPoint presentation. Christy Tyler
10:00am-6:00pm CETEMS Discussions and Exhibits:
A Sustainable Campus: Jesse Powers and Karen Monroe.(From 2:00-4:00, Karen will hand out free copies of her Do-It-Yourself guide to reducing your carbon footprint while living on campus or in a student apartment.)
Ecological Footprint Calculator: Alyssa Lynough and Maureen Sedlak will help visitors calculate their ecological footprint.
Sustainable Agriculture: Nicole Dutcher and Rob Taylor will lead discussion on vertical and underground farming.
Lisa Greenwood
10:00am-6:00pm Taking Action in Your Community to Reduce Rochester’s Carbon Footprint
Discussion tables featuring news and recommendations from Rochester environmental activist groups: Rochester NY Sierra Club, Climate Change Central, Cool Communities, and others.
1:00-6:00pm Global Warming Timeline and the Rhetoric of Global Warming
View significant events and dates as the problem of global warming emerged in our consciousness.  Discuss how words and images can advance or hinder an effective practical response to global warming. Barbara MacCameron (English, RIT). Timeline art by Ruba Tadros and Geoffrey Thorpe.
1:00-6:00pm Center for Sustainable Living (Rochester Area)
Table led by Bill Bross and Alison Clarke
2:00-6:00pm Artists Perform for the PlanetJohn Roche
2-3The RIT Chamber Singers
350.org: Green music
3-4Dane Gordon
Curt Beard (RIT student), poetry
Laura Shackleford (RIT faculty), readings
4-5Sarai Oviedo (RIT student, Signatures contributor), poetry
John Roche (RIT faculty, Signatures Advisor), poetry
Jessica Bryant (RIT student), poetry
5-6Vincent F.A. Golphin (RIT faculty), poetry
Steven Huff (RIT faculty), poetry
Jack Bradigan Spula (RIT faculty, enviro-journalist), poetry
2:00-6:00pm Fort Stanwix National Park Energy Audit, Sustainable Design
As a senior design project, an energy audit of Fort Stanwix National Park in Rome, NY is being performed. We are identifying short- and long-term opportunities to reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as ways to introduce green alternatives.
Kyle Mininni
2:00-6:00pm Global Café Open Discussion Tables
Tables throughout the Brick Café will be ready for pledges to action, messages to our legislators, and discussion and comments about our fears and hopes. White-papered tables with markers will serve as the blank slate for the thoughts of Teach In participants and visitors. Table leaders will include RIT graduates, faculty, and students. Make your voice heard!
SAU Lobby
Arts and Exhibits from RIT Green organizations, student projects, and local environmental organizations.
Sustain yourself!
$3.50 lunch for 350 ppm
11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Brick City Café (SAU)

Three lunch entrees will be priced at $3.50 each. Leading scientists say that 350 ppm (parts per million) is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere and that we need to insist that our leaders work toward attaining this number.
Snack while you browse Teach-In tables
Brick City Café (SAU)

Enjoy free refreshments at the epicenter of the Teach-In while you learn, discuss, and send messages to elected officials.
Sustainable local food
Small World Bakery
SAU Lobby

Hear about the sustainable practice of this new Rochester bakery and enjoy free samples!
BYO cup for free hot drinks
8-10am and 2-4pm
Beanz & The Grind

If you bring your own cup, Beanz (Grace Watson Lobby) and The Grind (NTID Student Development Center) will serve you a free 16-oz coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Courtesy of Residence Life.