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Alumni News and Updates

 In the past year, the Honors Program has spent time working to engage our alumni. We've had a dinner with several alumni in Seattle:


and in Rochester:


Honors Council has a working group of students devoted to alumni development and they created a survey for our groups to complete at these dinners. Based on the survey results and in cooperation with one very determined alumni, Christopher Cooper, there is now an Alumni Advisory Board that is meeting to discuss next steps for alumni involvement as well as student/alumni connections. Our current Advisory Board consists of:

  • Christopher Cooper '14, GCCIS
  • David Pearson '11, GCCIS
  • Josh Kramer '14, KGCOE
  • Kristen Kramer '12, SCB
  • Alex Atzl '12, CAD
  • Erin Downs '16, CET
  • Amy Zeller '16, KGCOE
  • Jason Lowden '14, KGCOE
  • Jake Martin '15, KGCOE
  • Sarah Hannon '12, CET
  • Emily Moore '16 CAD
  • Caroline Cameron '17 KGCOE
  • Madison Ricco '18 COS


We welcome input from students and alumni about events and activities that you would find useful. Reach out to Kerrie Bondi,, to share your thoughts and stay tuned for additional news and events for our alumni.