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Course Enrichment Expenses


Honors course enrichment may be available at the rate of $250 per 3-credit Honors class for pre-approved course-related materials or activities on a reimbursement basis.


Enrichment grants are appropriate for expenses that directly benefit students such as local excursions that connect students to course content in experiential ways, printing posters for presentations, meals with guest speakers, etc.


Process Overview:


Faculty teaching a 3-credit Honors class can submit a Pre-approval form to the Honors Program for course enrichment expenses . The request will be reviewed and faculty will be notified of the request status.


After the expenditure has been approved and the funds have been spent, the instructor must submit for reimbursement through Oracle.


Scan itemized receipts need to be sent it to the Honors Program staff assistant, Kathy Reid, and the appropriate account number to use for the I-expense request will be provided.




Apply for Pre-approval



Click here for the word document Pre-approval Form for Course Enrichment Expense.