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Professional Experiences

There are a number of different professional experiences that are a part of the Honors Program and can fulfill requirements. For more information, please view the drop-down menus below.

Non-Required Co-ops & Internships

  • This co-op or internship must not fulfill a degree program co-op or internship requirement to count for honors points.
  • Full-time is calculated at 35 hours or more per week. For non-required co-ops and internships with less than 35 hours per week, points are awarded based on the total number of hours worked for the duration of the co-op or internship.
  • Students earn points based on the following scale:
    • 3-5 Weeks = (105-192 hours) = 1 point
    • 6-10 Weeks = (193-367 hours) = 2 points
    • 11-15 Weeks =(+ 366 hours)= 3 points
  • Students participating in a non-required  full time 10-12 week summer co-op program are eligible to receive 3 points (This supersedes the second bullet point above).
  • This co-op or internship must be registered with the career service office.
  • Submit requests for points here. Be sure to enter your supervisor and academic advisor emails in the fields provided. An email will automatically be sent out requesting them to confirm your co-op or internship.
  • Please contact the Honors Program Office at with any questions.

International Experience (Study Abroad or Co-op/Internships)

  • RIT's Summer terms are full academic terms. Thus, successful completion of RIT faculty-led academic international experiences during an RIT term or semester will earn 3 points. 
  • Points are awarded for successful completion of international experiences affiliated with other universities based on the duration of the experience.
  • Students earn points based on the following scale:
    • 3-5 Weeks = 1 point
    • 6-10 Weeks = 2 points
    • 11-15 Weeks = 3 points
    • Submit requests for points here. The Study Abroad Office will confirm the duration and successful completion of your study abroad experience prior to awarding points.

Savannah Trip 2020

        Honors KGCOE trip to Savannah in 2020