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Student Projects 

The Honors Program's Class of 2020

The Honors Program’s Class of 2020 is made up of 140 students. Representing a variety of cultures, economic backgrounds, and geographic regions, the class of 2020 comes from a pool of over 750 student applicants. Members of the class come from almost half of the states across the country and the UAE. The class of 2020 is remarkably accomplished and full of potential. These students were selected based on their overall GPA; rank in class; entrance exam scores and the rigor and strength of their high school academic programs. In addition to their superior academic records, they have demonstrated leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, and extra-curricular involvement.



Class of 2020, Orientation, Camp Arrowhead


Class of 2020, Camp Arrowhead


 Class of 2020, Meeting President Destler on the Scavenger Hunt!  


Research & Creative Works 

Honors Students participate in summer research at RIT! 


Aimee Jackson (KGCOE) analysed the 3-D printing of orthopedics through the Biomedical Engineering Department.


Paul Galatic (GCCIS) worked with Dr. Zack Butler to create self-navigating robots  

Awards & Recognition 

Julai Provenzano (KGCOE) Awarded Gilman Scholarship



“In addition to a rigorous course load as a Chemical Engineering and International and Global Studies double major, I am also on the cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams at RIT, along with being a member of Spanish Club and Engineers for a Sustainable World. I decided to study abroad because having taken Spanish since middle school, becoming fluent in the language has been one of my long term goals. I also wanted to be immersed in a different culture.

While studying abroad, I learned something new every day. From hiking an active volcano to helping teach English in an elementary school, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone. My advice for future scholarship applicants is to articulate your motivations for studying abroad as clearly as possible. Show through your application that you have put time and energy into finding the perfect study abroad program for you, and how you believe it will benefit you in the future.”  

Alumni Activity 

Where are they now? 

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) held its 51st annual conference in Seattle in October 2016. The RIT Honors Program was represented by Assistant Program Director Kerrie Bondi, Honors Council President Caroline Cameron, and Honors Council Vice President Adam Kaufman. While there, they met up with several of our alumni who now live in Seattle! 


Seattle alumni are still proud to call themselves part of the RIT Honors Program Community! Pictured here are Mallory Rauch, Samantha Kenyon, Brandon Littell, Nicole Arroyo, Chris Cooper, Jason Lowden, Scott Thompson, and Zachary Sigmund. Go Tigers!


Assistant Program Director Kerrie Bondi meets up with Honors alum Jason Lowden at Microsoft in Seattle 


International Experience 

Rachel Tassoni (CHST) studies abroad in Copenhange, Denmark 

During the summer of 2016, Rachel studied abroad with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen. She completed two three-week courses, each in the field of psychology. Tassoni notes that “Studying in Copenhagen for an extended amount of time, I understand now why the Danes are happy, and why focusing on family and relationships is more important than focusing on material things.  Additionally, my independence has only grown from studying abroad. Spending time by myself was important to me during my trip, as it allowed me to reflect on the different culture and my experiences. I also wasn’t afraid to talk to people while I was away, which sometimes I have struggled with in the past. I realize know that you can learn so much from people, so I hope to continue that socialization moving forward."



Professional Development 

Beth Bogart, Internship at Oak Ridge National Lab

Beth was a summer intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the Higher Education Research Experience (HERE) program. She worked with her mentors, Devin White and Sophie Voisin, to write edge-detection algorithms to improve the registration process in urban systems for PRIMUS, the Photogrammetric Registration of Imagery from Manned and Unmanned Systems.



Timothy Torres, Graphic Design internship with Kodak

Tim completed a graphic design internship at Kodak this summer. He joined the Chief Marketing Office in the middle of a brand refresh. Part of his role was to develop new guidelines and apply them to existing products and designs, including a brand new desktop and mobile design for the global website. Tim was also the lead designer and UX architect on a team of 12 for the new Super 8 asset management portal, and did a phase 2 design for the Reel Film Finder app, both launching this fall. 




Justin Law, Air Force ROTC POC Training

Justin participated in Field Training as a cadet from RIT’s Air Force ROTC detachment. He was a trainee in Air Force ROTC Field Training 2016, Max 5, Squadron 8, Oscar Flight, and his goal is to serve our nation as a United States Air Force Officer. One major step towards this goal was to go from underclassmen, or GMC (General Military Course), to upperclassmen, or POC (Professional Officer Course), and in order to do that he underwent 24 long days of training as a team with the other recruits. “Every day held unique opportunities and challenges that no person outside of a military training environment would ever get to experience. The pressure we received from our instructors and the hardships we had to get through every day forged a bond strong enough last us a lifetime. Leading from the front, yelling from the back, and running at my side; I will never forget the long hours I spent with all of the amazing trainees and instructors I now call friends. It's hard to believe that we went from anxious GMC to the proud POC we are today!”




GCCIS Honors Students Visit Pittsburgh


GCCIS Honors Students visit Pittsburgh



GCCIS Honors Students visit Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh


First Year Seminars in Place and Space 

In the third year of offering Honors First Year Seminars, students are able to explore different aspects of place and space conceptually and within Rochester. They presented their work at the Brick City Homecoming Honors meet and greet in October 15, 2016.


Dr. Danielle Smith's seminar created and played a game of Jeopardy on Human Rights


Karen Van Meenen's seminar, focuing on 'Place: On & Off the Map' presenting their research blogs


Dr. Rachel McGinnis' seminar presents in a Model UN format


Complementary Learning

During the 2015-2016 academic year, 628 Honors student submitted service and leadership experiences to total approximately 23,361 hours.   With a requirement of 20 service or leadership hours on an annual basis, our students exceeded the requirement by 450 days, or nearly eleven thousand hours of service!