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COVID-19 Updates

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RIT has moved to an entirely-online format in order to protect the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff. The simple newness of this situation can lead to questions. RIT has established a central web site at which you can find answers to questions of general interest:


Here we will do our best to answer your Honors-related questions. (In an effort to cut down on email traffic, this is where we will be posting any updates, so please keep an eye on this page as we navigate this situation.)

COVID-19 Testing and Student Pre-Arrival Checklist

All students are responsible for providing evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result before circulating on campus for any reason. You must submit your test results to the Student Health Center using the COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening form available through the Wellness Portal. Students who do not plan to come to the RIT campus during the fall semester do not have to upload test results; however you are still required to complete the form to attest that you will not be arriving on campus. If you are experiencing difficulty getting tested, consider the COVID-19 Testing Information and Resources we have compiled to assist you in identifying testing options for your specific circumstances.


We also recommend reviewing the Student Pre-Arrival Checklist to make sure you are completing all of the important steps needed to be RIT Ready this fall.


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Helpful Checklist Links:

·     Student Pre-Arrival Checklist:

·     Submit COVID-19 Test Result:

·     Immunization and Health History Forms:

·     COVID-19 Student Training Module:

·     RIT Daily Health Screen:

·     University Supported Quarantine Program:


Honors Orientation 2020: 

RIT has launched the RIT Ready page,, which will help you with general questions about your arrival to campus this year and the Honors Program has been following that and the New York State COVID page very closely.
We will be hosting 2 orientations this year, one for our students who need to quarantine and one that will be face to face.  Either way, we're eager to welcome you to the Honors Program!  For our face to face participants, please know that face masks will be required whenever we're inside and outside.  Masks can be taken off for meals, of course, and in designated dining areas.


Honors Pizza and the Honors Fall Dinner:

We will be unable to host large hospitality-based events during the Fall 2020 semester, first to maintain the safety of our students, and second to reduce expenses. The Honors Fall Dinner will not be happening this October, nor will Pizza Fridays. We are hopeful for a spring 2021 return but will resume when circumstances have been deemed safe and healthy to do so. 


Honors Commencement Reception:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and RIT's cancellation of Commencement ceremonies, our annual Provost Reception has also been cancelled. We still want to recognize our graduating seniors and celebrate their time with the Honors Program. Every year, we make a slideshow to play at this reception showing our students' time at RIT and remembering some of our favorite memories. This year, since we can't do that in person, we wanted to share the slide deck online. Click on this link to enjoy and remember some of the great times we had together! 


The stoles have been mailed out.  

Academic Requirements

Honors Courses: 

In accordance with the University's decision for students to have the option to use a Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass grading structure, we will be waiving the B- grade requirement to earn Honors Points for Honors Courses for the Spring 2020 semester. Honors Points will be awarded for any Honors Course that students pass. There are no plans currently in place for the University to continue this grading policy for Fall 2020, so we will return to our normal B- grade requirement. In the event that the grading policy is updated, we will make the necessary changes. 

Tips and Tricks for Online Learning & Social Distancing

The online environment is new to many of us (at least in our educational endeavors), so we have compiled some tips and tricks for how to manage online learning and ensure success, personally and academically. Keep checking this page for updates as we learn what works best for us, and follow us on social media for more updates on how to succeed.

  • Make sure you are scheduling rest and downtime into your day— both as an investment in keeping worktime efficient and productive, and as an investment in your quality of life.  It is not healthy or sustainable to work continually from the morning until late at night.
  • Use changes of location and lighting to help switch between working to relaxing modes. Try not to do work in bed.
  • The Academic Success Center is still open and has online resources for students, which can be found here.
  • Get outside and get some fresh air. Social distancing doesn't mean you can't leave your house, just be safe and wash your hands!
  • Try to exercise at least a few times a week. It can help clear your brain and release dopamine, while also helping you feel better physically.
  • Utilize technology to stay connected to your friends and family. Set up a Zoom call with your friends you don't get to see or your relatives you can't see right now.
  • Try out a virtual background during a Zoom call in order to spice up an otherwise monotonous group meeting. Make sure you stay focused though!
  • Mute your mic when you're not talking during class.
  • Make sure you're taking care of your mental health. Things are hard, but if you need to talk to somebody, reach out. People are here for you, care about you, and want you to succeed.

Complementary Learning While Social Distancing

We hope you have adjusted well to the online format of learning and wanted to take our Complementary Learning opportunities online as well.  Please go here if you want to begin your comp learning hours safely during this time.  Go to the column on the right to learn more.  There are some terrific opportunities for you to explore! If you have other options you’ve come up with, please share with the Comp Learning Advisors so we can add to our list.

Contacting Us

The Honors Office will remain closed until RIT reopens campus, but we can still be reached via email or over social media, as necessary. All general questions can be directed to If you need to contact Kerrie or Kathy specifically, they will also be checking their emails daily. 


Also, feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn. This is a great way to keep in touch with everyone in the program!


We also have a new Discord server for Honors students to connect, so feel free to jump on and talk to your peers!