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Research in Discipline

Students in the Honors Program develop an extra layer of depth in their chosen fields by doing honors-level work in their home programs, accelerating themselves toward the frontiers of knowledge, culture, and technology while engaging in positive, collegial relationships with faculty mentors. One option to complete this requirement is through research in your discipline, supervised by a faculty mentor. This option, as well as all others for the Depth in Discipline requirement, require pre-approval from the Honors Program.


  • Research is understood broadly to include investigative, exploratory, creative, and innovative works. If you are unsure what it means in your discipline, ask a professor in your home program or your college Honors Advocate.
  • You must give a public presentation or exhibition of your work, and produce a high-quality written report about it, approved by your faculty mentor as demonstrating the substance and quality expected of undergraduate, honors-level work in the discipline. Written reports that are otherwise unpublished will be posted at RIT Scholar Works.
  • This work may be done at another university (e.g., NSF REU programs). In this case, your faculty mentor must send correspondence to the Honors Program describing the research experience, and confirming your successful completion.
  • This work cannot be part of an activity that is required by your home program, but it can be a substantive extension of such an activity. In that case, your faculty mentor must send correspondence to the Honors Program describing the extension and confirming your successful completion.

In order to get pre-approved for this method, please download the Intent to Engage in Research form and return it to the Honors Office via email ( when completed.

  • Students participating in a funded 10-week summer research experience are eligible to receive 3 points.
  • Students enrolled in classes full time are eligible to receive 1 point for every 60 hours of independent research completed outside of their courses (maximum of 3 points per semester). Research completed for academic credit does not count for honors points. This includes research completed in independent studies, non-honors seminars, non-honors courses and other academic coursework.
  • Submit online on your My Status page, being sure to enter your research mentor’s email in the field provided. An email will automatically be sent to your faculty mentor to confirm your activity. If you do not receive a response within 3-4 weeks, please follow up with your faculty mentor to make sure they have sent us a confirmation. 



Honors student Zein Haidar (COS '20) presenting research in his discipline at the RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium.