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Honors Mentors

Each spring we hire some of our passionate, involved, and enthusiastic current students to help us welcome and orient our new students into the Honors Program. They lead, guide, teach, learn, challenge, and play with the freshmen to ensure that they understand our Honors Program.  These are the mentors for The Honors Orientation Program 2020!


This year, in addition to giving the mentors' academic background, we asked them "What is the best college advice you've received?"




Meet the Honors Mentors!  



Ashley Hum

Ashley Hum

Lead Mentor
Ashley is a fourth-year Criminal
Justice student.
"Set time aside for yourself
every day. De-stressing and
self-care are important!"
Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Lead Mentor
Michael is a fourth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.
"Keep your door open when
you move in. It's fun to see who
else does the same!"

Bennett Wong

Dan Mullen

Lead Mentor
Dan is a fourth-year Motion Picture
Science student.
"My dad gave me advice that he got
from his dad. It's simple but 
important 'Be friendly!'"
Ryan Alicea

Ryan Alicea

Ryan is a third-year Psychology
"The best way to learn in class is
to ask questions.  Staying engaged
with the professor really 
makes a difference!"

Nick Blanock

Nick Blanock

Nick is a second-year Computing
Security student.
"Make a schedule and stick to it. It's
easy to get distracted and forget
important assignments and projects."
Lydia Blatnik

Lydia Blatnik

Lydia is a second-year Biomedical
Engineering student.
"Take advantage of opportunities
that present themself! Going outside
your comfort zone will lead
to some fun experiences."

Brendan Cappon

Brendan Cappon

Brendan is a second-year Biomedical
and Mechanical Engineering student.
"I was told 'The only person placing
bounds on your potential is you.'"
Dawson Chase

Dawson Chase

Dawson is a second-year Applied
Mathematics student.
"Enjoy your time at college.
It really is fun and you just
need to make your time 
here worth it."

Laura Discavage

Laura Discavage

Laura is a fifth-year Industrial
Engineering student.
"The ASC has a full-length semester
calendars that you can use to put
all your assignments on! It's a
great visual tool."
Brian Finnerty

Brian Finnerty

Brian is a third-year
Computer Science student.
"Never be complacent.
There is always something
more to find."

Siobhan Gannon

Siobhan Gannon

Siobhan is a third-year Film and
Animation student.
"Make sure to check out the 
club fair and join some groups
that sound interesting to you!"
CJ Gebo

CJ Gebo


CJ is a third-year Computing
Security student.
"Don't be afraid to take risks
and put yourself out there."

Calise Jin

Calise Jin

Calise is a fourth-year Game
Design and Development student.
"Try things you've never done 
before or things you've always 
wanted to do!"
Brendan Hughes

Brandon Keller

Brandon is a fifth-year Computing
Security student.
"Break out of the definition set
for yourself by others. 
Reinvent yourself freely."

David Lin

David Lin

Photo Mentor

David is a second-year 3D
and Digital Graphics student.
"Attend clubs, you'll find great activities
to have fun but also find friends and
people who care about you."
Ailene Lung

Ailene Lung

Ailene is a fourth-year Industrial
Design student.
"College is the best time to make
mistakes. Explore, fall, get back
up, and try again."

Jonathan Lutzer

Jonathan Lutzer

Jonathan is a third-year
Physics student.
"Write stuff down, or have some
way to keep track of assignments
besides just keeping due
dates in your head."
Sahana Maheswaran

Sahana Maheswaran

Photo Mentor
Sahana is a second-year Film
and Animation student.
"College is the place to experiment
and learn, so don't be afraid
to take risks!"

Natalie Mantegna

Natalie Mantegna

Natalie is a third-year
Mechanical Engineering student.
"Find your people."
Austin Martinez

Austin Martinez

Austin is a third-year Electrical
Engineering student.
"Go to office hours. I have
learned so much after asking
my professors a few questions."

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy

Thomas is a third-year
and Molecular
Biosciences student.
"Always have snacks in your room."
Sarah Oakes

Sarah Oakes

Sarah is a fifth-year Chemical
Engineering student.
"Go to your professor's office hours!
They are very knowledgeable and
want you to succeed."

Jared Ortega

Jared Ortega

Jared is a fourth-year Environmental
Health and Safety student.
"During the first week of classes,
join any clubs, sports or
organizations that even
mildly peak your interest."
Rachel Pawlik

Rachel Pawlik 

Rachel is a third-year Physicians
Assistant student.
"Don't be afraid to try things outside
your comfort zone. Push yourself to 
do things you've never done before." 

Scilla Raymond-Gazave

Scilla Raymond-Gazave

Scilla is a third-year Illustration
"Always do more than you
are asked to, be the one to stand
out by going above and beyond."
Xander Rohring

Xander Rohring

Xander is a third-year New
Media Marketing student.
"Don't take it too seriously. Make sure
to set yourself up academically but also
have fun. College is only a few years of
your life, so make the most of it."

Om Saran

Om Saran

Om is a fourth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.
"Don't leave things to the last moment. 
Start them early so you can work through
unforeseen problems."
Eric Sotack

Eric Sotack

Eric is a fourth-year Computer
Science student.
"The key to a good college experience
is to find a balance between
work and play."

Isabel Talerico

Isabel Talarico

Isabel is a third-year Mechanical 
Engineering student.
"Learn to tune into what your body
is telling you. If you need a break
take one."
Griffin Warntz

Griffin Warntz

Griffin is a third-year Environmental
Health and Safety student.
"Become friends with people in your
major including senior students. They 
can help you a lot with finding 
co-ops and doing well in classes."

Michele Waterstraat

Michele Waterstraat

Michele is a second-year Electrical
Engineering student.
"Wait until the first week of
classes to purchase textbooks."
Ari Weisenburn

Ari Wisenburn

Ari is a third-year Computer Science
"Spread out your major courses with 
art classes for "non-majors" to 
learn new skills and hone
your creativity."

Aleea Wrightstone

Aleea Wrightstone

Aleea is a third-year Biochemistry
"Take the first year to figure out
what you want to do, not what
you think you should do."
Emalee Wrightstone

Emalee Wrightstone

Emalee is a fourth-year Biotechnology
and Molecular Biosciences student.
"College is the perfect time to
explore new activities and interests!"

Allie Zeznick

Allie Zeznick

Allie is a fourth-year Physician
Assistant student
"Don't be afraid to ask for help."