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Honors Mentors

Each spring we hire some of our passionate, involved, and enthusiastic current students to help us welcome and orient our new students into the Honors Program. They lead, guide, teach, learn, challenge, and play with the freshmen to ensure that they understand our Honors Program.  These are the mentors for The Honors Orientation Program 2021!




Meet the Honors Mentors!  




Siobhan Gannon

Lead Mentor
Siobhan is a fourth-year Film &
Animation student.

Thomas Murphy

Lead Mentor
Thomas is a fourth-year Biotechnology
& Molecular Bioscience student.

Isabel Talarico

Lead Mentor
Isabel is a fourth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.

Alexis Bartlo

Alexis is a fifth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.

Kaelyn Beeman

Kaelyn is a second-year Game Design
& Development student. 

Tim Beltrami

Tim is a fifth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.

Ryan B. Brown

Ryan is a fourth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.

Ryan W. Brown

Ryan is a fourth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.

Brendan Cappon

Brendan is a third-year Biomedical and
Mechanical Engineering student.

Dawson Chase

Dawson is a third-year
Applied Mathematics student.

Jess Edwards

Jess is a third-year Illustration 

CJ Gebo


CJ is a fourth-year Computing
Security student. 

Ashley Hum

Ashley is a fifth-year Criminal
Justice student.

Serina Lin

Serina is a second-year Graphic
Design student.

Sahana Maheswaran

Photo Mentor
Sahana is a third-year Film &
Animation student.


Nat Mantegna

Nat is a fourth-year Mechanical 
Engineering student.

Austin Martinez

Austin is a fourth-year Electrical
Engineering student.

Eliza McDaniels

Eliza is a fourth-year
ASL Interpreting student.

Michael Moore

Michael is a fifth-year
Mechanical Engineering student.

Jacob O'Donnell

 Jacob is a second-year
Electrical Engineering student.

Jared Ortega

Jared is a fifth-year Environmental
Health & Safety student.

Rachel Pawlik

Rachel is a fourth-year Physician
Assistant student.

Rachel Ramsdell

Rachel is a second-year Marketing

Molly Roesch

Molly is a third-year Chemistry

Om Saran

Om is a fifth-year Mechanical
Engineering student.

Eric Sotack

Eric is a fifth-year Computer
Science student.

Anna Steele

Photo Mentor
Anna is a second-year Motion
Picture Science student.

Wyatt Tauber

Wyatt is a fifth-year Computing
Security student.

Zach Thierman

Zach is a third-year Biotechnology &
Molecular Bioscience student.

Emma Thomas

Emma is a second-year Human
Centered Computing student.

William Tom

William is a third-year Computer
Engineering student.

Griffin Warntz

Griffin is a fourth-year Environmental
Health and Safety student.

Zach Williams

Zach is a fourth-year Biomedical
Sciences student.

Aleea Wrightstone

Aleea is a fourth-year Biochemistrystudent.