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IMPORTANT Honors Requirement Information for Students who joined Honors in the Fall 2017

Dear Student,


This email is being sent to you because you entered into the Honors Program in the fall of 2017 through the late entry process that occurred in the spring of 2017.  Students only enter into the Honors Program in the fall.   This email shares important information regarding the senior seminar requirement for graduation from the Honors Program. 


Students who joined the Honors Program in the Fall of 2017 and after are required to complete the 1 credit Honors Senior Seminar (ITDL 450).  The seminar can be taken during a student’s last two years at RIT. If you will be a junior or senior during the upcoming Fall 2018 term, you can enroll in one section of the seminar this fall:


  • ITDL( 450)-Honors Capstone Seminar 01(LEC)16555  on Fridays from  10:00AM - 11:50AM


  • ITDL( 450)-Honors Capstone Seminar 02(LEC)16556 on Wednesdays  from  10:00AM - 11:50AM


To complete the senior seminar requirement, we encourage you to enroll in a fall section of the course by July 17th, 2018.  


The first year seminar is waived for late entry students. You are expected to fulfill the remaining academic requirements. ​Please review all of the academic requirements and track your progress. The academic requirements check sheet can be found on the Honors website under the program requirements tab or at the following link:  here​  


The full listing of Academic Requirements can be viewed on the Honors Program website under Program Requirements drop down menu and Academic requirements for students enrolled during or after the 2017 - 2018 school year resource tab or at the following link here


Please contact your Academic Advisor or the Honors Office if you have questions or concerns.