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Middle College
Middle College

Middle College Program

- Effective 2013/14 Academic year: This RCSD-funded program has been discontinued

RIT’s Middle College program, is a 9th-12th grade initiative, designed to offer college readiness skills to academically eligible students in the Rochester City School District. RIT constructed a comprehensive student services plan based on research, effective programming experiences and understanding of best practices. Year-round, multi year program includes the following activities in support of student academic needs, as well as career and college interest.

  • Academic Support - Improved student academic performance increasing their scholarship eligibility and college readiness.
  • Mentoring - Pairs RCSD and RIT students for the purposes of developing mentoring relationships.
  • Career Exploration - Engages RCSD students in career participation and orientation activities.
  • College Readiness - Teaches college readiness and preparedness to RCSD students through a seminar series.
  • Teacher Training and Support - Engages and encourages teacher participation in the Strategic Partnership Proposal and support of its Comprehensive Student Services Plan.
  • Parent/Guardian Program - Engages parents and guardian involvement and encourage their participation in the Comprehensive Student Services Plan.

See Calendars for Middle College events

Contact Director, Dianne Spang for information

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