Camp Tiger

Camp Tiger - Dungeons & Dragons (Grades 5 - 12)

Gender:  Boys and Girls
Focus Area:  Other
Target Grade Level:  Elementary, Elementary and Middle School, Middle to High School, High School
Camp Category:  Camp Tiger (formerly Kids on Campus)

Where can you learn team-building, storytelling, probability, research, improvisation, critical analysis and be challenged to flex your creativity? Around the table in the world of Dungeons & Dragons! In this workshop, campers will be taught how to to play and lead this wildly popular and complex tabletop role-playing game. Each decision made requires consultation of charts and mathematical estimation to determine success of the dice roll. More than a math game, campers must work together to unravel the game master’s puzzles. The possibilities are infinite as campers figure out how to work with (and around) the rules, and gain confidence as they take on the role of a wizard, paladin, warrior or a rogue. 1-week workshop. Cost of $350.

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