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Dean of College of Liberal Arts visits both RIT Croatia campuses

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Earlier this month, Dr. James Winebrake, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, visited both RIT Croatia campuses. The purpose of his visit was to explore new ways to integrate and collaborate with RIT’s global campuses. He met with faculty from both the Zagreb and Dubrovnik campuses, as well with students and RIT Croatia’s Student Government. Among other things Dr. Winebrake did a presentation titled “Death By Ships: The Health Impacts of Global Shipping and the International Policy Response.” In this presentation, Dr. Winebrake discussed the human health impacts associated with global shipping, with particular attention paid to emissions of sulfur oxides and particulate matter. Dr. Winebrake presented new research that uses atmospheric fate and transport models to translate global ship emissions over water to air pollution on land, and then ultimately to health impacts on exposed human populations. This research is particularly important given recent debates regarding new international policies aimed at reducing sulfur in the fuel that most oceangoing vessels burn.