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Honors Students from Saunders College of Business visit Toronto

Friday, November 24, 2017

Honors Program students from the Saunders College of Business visited Toronto, Canada, in November 2017. The students met with College of Applied Science and Technology alumni Ken Wong and Marc Hyman at Crownhill Packaging, where they toured the company’s 200,000 square foot production and distribution center.  The students also visited the Royal Ontario Museum where they met with members of the museum’s executive team and learned about some of the inner workings of one of the largest and most highly-regarded museums in North America. In addition to the business visits, the students enjoyed an alumni networking event that was attended by some Saunders alumni, as well as the CAST alumni from Crownhill.

Front, left to right, Honors students Peter Bilzerian, Kathleen Hagelberger, and Kate Ferguson, and Saunders College alumni Elvira Zalyaleeva and Gloria Lau

Back, left to right, Honors students Caitlin Connelly, Yosef Boutakov, and Leann Hochadel, CAST alumni Marc Hyman and Ken Wong, and students Daniel Gil Perez Rodriguez and Andrew Voss