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School of Individualized Study Faculty Highlights

Monday, February 6, 2017

SOIS visiting assistant professor, Daniel Worden's co-edited book Postmodern/Postwar--& After: Rethinking American Literature was recently published by the University of Iowa Press. He also co-edited and wrote an article for a special forum, “Style as Character: Joan Didion’s Genres,” in the most recent issue of a/b: Auto/Biography Studies. The forum features essays by leading scholars in autobiography studies, documentary studies, contemporary literary studies, and Western American literary studies about the acclaimed author and cultural figure Joan Didion. In early September, Daniel Worden presented new work on oil and documentary at Petrocultures 2016: The Offshore, a conference held at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In November, 2016, Daniel Worden spoke at Carleton University as their annual Production of Literature Speaker.

In fall, 2016, Clarence "Chip" Sheffield, Professor, was invited to speak at a conference in Lima, Peru, organized by the University of the Pacific, the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and the Catholic University of Louvain.  Chip's talk, entitled "Revisiting 'The Philosophical Brothel' Critical Reflections on Leo Steinberg's Phenomenological Method", focused on Steinberg's influential interpretation of Picasso's painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. The conference explored the role of phenomenology as a link between literature and philosophy, and was  Also, in October 2016, Chip presented a paper in Berkeley, California at the 6th Annual International Food Studies Conference.  It was entitled: "Eat or be Eaten: Food as a Leitmotif for Fridtjof Nansen, the Norwegian Polar Explorer, Humanitarian and Diplomat."

At the end of May, 2017, Tom Hanney, Senior Lecturer, will travel to the University of South Dakota to visit the National Music Museum, the site of the Alan G. Bates Harmonica Collection and other free reed musical instrument collections. Tom is conducting research for his classes - 'Harmonica and the Blues' and 'The Meaning of Things – in Three Objects'.