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Assessment Management System Overview

The Assessment Management System (AMS) is an online web-based system providing a communication and resource hub for all of the institution's outcomes assessment and continuous improvement initiatives.  The AMS system facilitates the documentation and demonstration of the contributions that each of the University's academic programs and support services makes towards achieving the goals of the institution as a whole in terms of institutional effectiveness. RIT's goal is to provide support services to colleges and division for continuous improvement. System features include:

  • Organizational planning and reporting
  • Online assessment plan creation and review
  • Mapping to goals and learning outcomes
  • Program level reporting and tracking of recommendations and improvements
  • Development of surveys and rubrics
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Accreditation

Benefits of AMS

  • Manages Documents and Processes

    Simplifies documentation process and reduces paper footprint

  • Streamlines Processes

    Simplifies the management of institution-wide accreditation reporting

  • Promotes Collaboration and Review

    Engages community in outcomes assessment and continuous improvement initiatives

  • Provides Transparency and Dashboard Reporting

    Generates reports in real-time to view the most up-to-date information

  • Ensures Quality

    Supports the engagement in constructive dialogue about continuous improvement