Three Key Elements to Successful Course Level Assessment:

  1. Establishing student learning outcomes and objectives for the course
  2. Measuring whether these outcomes have been met
  3. Using the results to improve teaching and learning in the course


Key Questions for Developing Course Level Assessment

  • How do I define student learning outcomes and objectives that are meaningful and measurable?
  • How do I align program goals and student learning outcomes to course syllabi?
  • How do I determine what assessment methods I already use? How can I improve my methods?
  • How can I be more deliberate and transparent about the assessment in my courses?
  • How can I use the data to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment?


Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in an Online Environment

Assessing student learning in an online environment can present unique challenges; however, with planning and appropriate assessment methods, online learning environments can provide both rich and meaningful academic experiences. Consult our On-Line Assessment Resources to identify best practices, tips, and resources to consider when planning your online learning assessments.