First Year Writing Revise and Improve Assessment Revisions Workshops for Adjunct Instructors

The First Year Writing (FYW) Program used the Student Learning @ RIT Grant to design and deliver a professional development workshop series for instructors. The workshop goals were to build coherence in the delivery of writing courses and create a community of practice for faculty to collaborate about teaching and student learning specifically related to revising and improving writing.

Participating faculty developed framing language for the university’s General Education rubric to provide a shared definition of revision.  They also reviewed best practices for teaching revision and designed common Assignment Guidelines to be used in all FYW courses.  Additionally, FYW Assignment Collection Instructions were developed for selecting and submitting portfolios for assessment. These materials will be available to faculty for the ongoing assessment of the Gen Ed Revise and Improve outcome on myCourses.

For additional information on this grant funded project, please contact Dianna Winslow, Assistant Professor and Director of First-Year Writing, at