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Course Description

This course provides a framework of study to successfully pass the NRRPT exam.  It combines a theoretical background to the major topics tested, combines it with a review of solved problems, and then provides the student practice using similar exam questions, and time limits. Topics chosen are based on the NRRPT suggested areas of study, and lectures are supplemented with texts suggested as study materials.  When the student completes the course, they will be practiced in solving multi-step problems, from multiple perspectives, as well as having a theoretical background to better handle logic and/or memorization questions.  This course would benefit the student who needs a structured study plan for the exam, as well a training course which provides real world examples for their application at work.

Prerequisites: As defined by the NRRPT for exam qualification. Experience in radiological work and some math background (high school algebra) is strongly recommended.

Required:  All participants must bring a scientific calculator that performs exponentials and natural logs.

Cost: CEUs: ABIH CM points:
$1295 0 0

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