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of Technology
Institute Policies and procedures manual
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P1.0 Foreword
P2.0 Preface
P3.0 Honor Code
P4.0 Core Values
P5.0 Diversity Statement
P6.0 Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

SECTION A:Introduction
A1.0 History, Accreditation and Legacy
A2.0 Key Result Areas and Goals

SECTION B:Governance
B1.0 Institute Council By-Laws
B2.0 Charter of Academic Governance
B3.0 Staff Council By-Laws
B4.0 Student Government By-Laws

SECTION C:General Institute Policies
C0.0 Compliance Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct
C1.0 Oversight Policy for Externally Sponsored Projects
C2.0 Misconduct in Research and Scholarship
C3.0 Intellectual Property Policy
C3.1 Agreement for Commissioning of Educational Materials
C4.0 Individual Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy
C5.0 Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
C6.0 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment
C7.0 Privacy Policy
C8.1 Information Security Policy
C8.2 Code of Conduct for Computer Use
C9.0 Parking Appeals Board
C10.0 Political and Legislative Activities Policy
C11.0 Policy with Respect to Demonstrations on Campus
C12.0 Americans with Diabilities Act (ADA) Information
C13.0 Certified Assistance Animal Policy Statement
C14.0 Use of Skate Boards, Roller Blades (In-Line Skates), Skates, Bicycles and Other Similar Conveyances
C15.1 Student Alcohol and Drug Policy
C15.2 Faculty/Staff Alcohol and Drug Policy
C16.0 Smoking
C17.0 Possession of Weapons, Firearms and Dangerous Instruments on the RIT Campus
C18.0 Illegal Conduct
C19.0 University Closings
C20.0 Vending Policy
C21.0 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Policy
C22.0 Records Management Policy
C23.0 Policy on Circumstances When Consensual Relationships Must Be Mitigated

SECTION D:Educational Policies
D1.0 Policies for Curriculum Development
D1.1 Minors Policy
D1.2 Protocols for Academic Centers
D2.0 Admission
D3.0 Registration
D4.0 Attendance
D5.0 Grades
D5.1 Student Involuntary Leave Policy
D6.0 Withdrawal and Refund Policy
D7.0 Foreign Travel Programs
D8.0 Academic Honesty Policy
D9.0 Policies on Academic Advising
D10.0 Eligibility for Participation in RIT Athletics
D11.0 Final Examination Policies
D12.0 Graduation Requirements
D13.0 Diplomas and Degrees Certification
D14.0 Policy on Awarding Honorary Degrees
D15.0 Educational Records
D16.0 Institute Writing Policy
D17.0 Academic Conduct and Appeals Procedures
D18.0 Student Conduct Process
D19.0 Ombuds Office

SECTION E:Faculty and Staff Policies
E1.0 Employee Classification and Status
E1.1 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA)
E1.2 Nepotism
E2.0 Principles of Academic Freedom
E3.0 Oath of Allegiance
E4.0 Faculty Employment Policies
E5.0 Policies on Tenure
E6.0 Policies on Faculty Rank
E7.0 Annual Review of Faculty
E8.0 Academic Administrator Search Statement
E9.0 Visiting Scholar Policy
E10.0 Projects Relating to Teaching Productivity
E11.0 Policy on Effective Teaching Committee
E12.0 Faculty and Staff Awards
E12.1 Eisenhart Awards for Outstanding Teaching
E12.2 The Trustees Scholarship Awards
E12.3 Richard and Virginia Eisenhart Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
E12.4 Staff Recognition Program
E12.5 Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Pluralism Award
E12.6 Length of Service Awards
E13.0 Faculty Salary Policy
E13.1 Policy for Faculty Extra Service Compensation and Summer Employment
E14.0 Appeal Committee on Faculty Salaries
E15.0 Faculty Education and Development
E16.0 Tuition Assistance for Faculty and Professional Staff Attending Other Colleges
E17.0 Faculty Leave of Absence
E18.0 Faculty Leave for Professional/Career Development
E19.0 Faculty Pursuing a Graduate Degree at RIT
E20.0 Policy on the Discontinuance, Reduction or Transfer of Academic Programs
E21.0 Policy on Assignment and Transfer of Tenure-Track Faculty
E22.0 Policy on Financial Exigency
E23.0 Dismissal of a Faculty Member for Cause
E24.0 Faculty Grievance
E25.0 Policies for Educational Development Faculty
E26.0 Educational Development Faculty Grievance Procedure
E27.0 Performance Appraisal
E29.0 Staff Leave of Absence
E30.0 Staff Grievance Procedure
E31.0 Access to Official Professional Staff Files
E33.0 Family Leave Policy
E34.0 Military Leave
E35.0 Retirement Transition Program