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Scheduling Time on an Faculty Senate (FS) Meeting Agenda

Guidance for AY 2022-2023

General Information

Faculty Senate (FS) meetings are typically held in ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute 1720/1730 on Thursdays from 12:15 p.m. – 1:50 p.m. two to three times per month during fall and spring semesters.  Specific information on meeting dates and locations for AY 22-23 can be found on the Senate website.  FS meetings are audio-recorded to assist in providing accurate minutes.  As a member of Senate, the provost (non-voting) regularly attends FS meetings, particularly when policy-related topics are scheduled. 

Any member of the RIT community can submit a charge to the Senate, either directly to FS Executive Committee (FSEC) or through individual senators.  FSEC reviews each submitted charge and assigns it to one of FS’ standing committees. Each standing committee submits an annual plan of work to address its charges for full Senate approval in September. Charges received and assigned at other times during the academic year are addressed as they arise and are able to be accommodated on FS agendas.  Current committee charges, reports, and membership can be found on the Standing Committees link.  

FS Executive Committee (FSEC) typically meets on Thursdays when the full Senate is not in session from 12:00 – 1:50 p.m., unless there is a Board of Trustees meeting.   FSEC sets the agenda for meetings of the full Senate.  For large or complex topics or issues, FSEC may request a preliminary meeting with the presenter(s).

Members of FSEC for AY 2022-2023 are: 

Atia Newman (atia.newman@rit.edu) - Chair
Liz Lawley​ (elizabeth.lawley@rit.edu) - Vice Chair
TBA  (TBA)- Communications Officer
Hamad Ghazle (hhgscl@rit.edu) - Operations Officer
Samuel Malachowsky (samvse@rit.edu) - Treasurer

Administrative support to FS is provided by:  

Tamaira Brown
Policy, University Council and Faculty Senate Coordinator
585-475-2016 (phone)
fsenate@rit.edu (e-mail)
2106 Eastman Hall

Suggested Protocol

Making Contact.  To request time on an upcoming FS agenda, complete the Senate Presentation Request Form

Providing Information.  Providing the following information will 1) help FSEC respond promptly to your request and 2) assist Tamaira in meeting preparations: 

  • Dates (in order of preference) of upcoming meetings at which you’d like to present.

  • Amount of time needed (minimum and ideal) to present the topic and field questions; and, if applicable, for AS to take action.

  • Name(s), title(s), college/division, and department(s) affiliations of presenter(s)

  • Title of your topic as it should appear on the agenda and in meeting minutes.

  • Objective(s) of your presentation (e.g., reporting for informational purposes, obtaining formative feedback/input, securing FS approval).

  • Description of materials, if any, you will submit for review by senators. 

Submitting Materials.  If you’re submitting materials, they should be sent via e-mail to Tamaira at least five business days prior to the meeting to provide senators with sufficient time to review information related to your topic.

Following Up.   A few days after the meeting, Tamaira typically sends presenters the first draft of the minutes to review for accuracy and respond with edits if needed.  It is vitally important to respond by the stated deadline; the final draft of meeting minutes are typically distributed to senators three to five business days prior to the next FS meeting. 

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