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Event Requests

The Office of the Registrar now offers an Event Request form in PDF format. All 'General Information' on the form must be filled out. 'College/Organization', 'Department', and 'Email' all refer to the person or organization requesting the event. We ask that the requester of the event search for a suitable facility at Peoplesoft's Facility Search (simply hit the Search button, then you can specifiy times and dates), which will provide the associated facility ID required. Once the form has been filled out use the Submit button; this will attach a copy of the filled out PDF to an email, and send it to the scheduler associated with the 'College/Organization' chosen. Once the event has been scheduled, or if more information is needed, the scheduler will contact the email address provided on the form.

All students and student groups must select Campus Life Reservations for their ‘College/Organization’ unless instructed otherwise by their department, and we recommend that students open an email before hitting Submit.
Adobe Reader is recommended for advanced features of these forms to work properly.

Not all departments accept this form, and we will be working with them to provide a list here to direct people to the forms they may use instead.

To request an event space in LBJ (Bldg 060), SDC (Bldg 055), or HLC (Bldg 014), please fill in the form at No other event requests can be honored for these buildings. Thank you.

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