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SOIS MS in Professional Studies (Graduate) Scholarship Application


The MS in Professional Studies program annually distributes scholarships to qualified graduate students and program candidates. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Awards normally range from 10-30% of a student’s semester tuition rate per academic year, are paid to students as tuition waiver on a semester basis in accordance with their program of study progress, and are based on the following criteria:
  • Outstanding academic merit and progress.
  • Academic and community or professional service accomplishments earned prior to or whilebecoming a SOIS graduate student.
  • Interdisciplinary entrepreneurial professional interests which coincide with specific areas of recruitingor program development within SOIS.


To apply for a scholarship, complete this application and submit it by the deadline:

  • Fall Semester  - first Friday in May
  • Spring Semester  - January 31st
  • Summer Semester - May 31st

Program faculty and advisers will then make an award decision based on the criteria above combined with the student applicant’s success to that point in their plan/program of study.  For renewal of a scholarship, students must reapply each year. The re-application window normally occurs during spring of each year.


On a semester basis the Program Director or their designee will monitor the number, amounts and type of scholarships granted. This is accomplished by reviewing the scholarship distribution report provided by the Office of Financial Aid, and undertaken in order to ensure available funds are appropriately expended in accordance with SOIS goals and University policies.


If you have any questions, please contact us at or 585-475-2234.


SECTION 1: Student Information

Credits Per Semester

Please indicate each semester you are applying for scholarship aid by listing the number of credits you are planning to take for that semester.

Tuition Assistance
For dollar amounts, indicate if this is annual or per semester.


SECTION 2: Statements/Essay Questions

In a letter or essay comprised of approximately 1,000 words (no more than two pages), discuss any justification for a scholarship award inclusive of:
  • Academic merit,
  • Community or professional service accomplishments earned prior to or while becoming a SOIS graduate student, and/or
  • Entrepreneurial professional interests which are inherently multidisciplinary in nature and coincide withspecific areas of recruiting or program development within SOIS.
Approximately 1,000 words


SECTION 3: Certification

I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge, all the information provided on this application is correct. I also authorize the RIT Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to release copies of any other awards to the School of Individualized Study Scholarship Committee for determination of my eligibility for this award. Any changes in the schedule should be reported to the School of Individualized Study, 585-475-2234. I understand that I must achieve and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.
In lieu of a signature, please initial indicating you have read and agree to the above certification paragraph.

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