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Charge Statement

RIT’s Strategic Plan: “Greatness Through Difference (2018-2025)” articulates the continuing importance of student success to RIT as it moves into the next decade. The dimensions and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan place on-time graduation of undergraduate and graduate students as a highly visible priority and campus imperative.

This priority is certainly not unique to RIT. National attention is increasingly focused on the affordability, accessibility and student success outcomes of higher education. The federal government continues to wrestle with ways to make institutions more accountable for demonstrated outcomes. These external forces in combination with RIT’s mission and historical commitment to fostering student success provide the appropriate context for RIT to redouble its efforts and distinguish itself as a leader in the “completion agenda.”

Greatness Through Difference - RIT Strategic Plan 2018-2025

On-Time Graduation Report and Recommendations - August 2016

On-Time Graduation: Path Forward (Charge Statement) - June 2015