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RIT Learning Innovation

The RIT Learning Innovation Classroom (EAS-3287) is a redesigned learning space that was created in partnership with Steelcase based on their LearnLab concept. This partnership aligns with Steelcase's focus on helping universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators.

TLS has partnered with Steelcase to gain insights toward understanding how learning best takes place, and how smarter, active learning spaces can help. 

The refreshed flexible classroom offers a dynamic, state-of-the-art teaching space where you can promote interaction and engaged learning. The room's built affordances for flexibility and collaboration have as many uses as you have ideas. It includes the following features:

  • Flexible room furniture
  • Multi-Displays
  • Personal whiteboard surfaces


The Wallace Library
Room A-650
90 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623



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