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RIT Ready: Moving Forward Into Fall
Faculty Course Technology Support

Join a Fall 2021 Teaching Circle

The Innovative Learning Institute is pleased to announce the following synchronous online or synchronous hybrid (conducted via Zoom and/or in-person) teaching circles for Fall Semester 2021.

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Designing Flexible Courses

Rebecca Johnson--To design or refine a course in any mode, begin by looking at your course's learning objectives and how they are assessed. Do your objectives clearly and accurately describe what students will learn in your course? Do assignments, materials, and student experiences align in such a way that students are likely to be successful in your course if they earnestly apply themselves? In this post, I will discuss some fundamental ideas in instrucitonal design and how a design mindset can help you identify opportunities to refine your courses.

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Call to Form a Teaching Circle in Fall 2021

Michael Starenko—The Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) is seeking RIT faculty and teaching staff (full-time and part-time, visiting, lecturer, academic support specialist, tenured, tenure-track, adjunct, etc.) who are interested in proposing a topic and facilitating a teaching circle in Fall semester 2021.

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Helping Students Provide Better End-of-Semester Feedback

Rebecca Johnson and Rita Margarida Magalhaes--How do you get better feedback from more students on the end of semester evaluations? An upcoming blog post will describe what you can do during the semester to improve your feedback and response rates. For now, consider the following advice.

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Join a Spring 2021 Teaching Circle

The Innovative Learning Institute is pleased to announce the following online teaching circles for Spring Semester 2021. A teaching circle is a small group of teachers who come together for at least one term to have robust discussions about a teaching and learning topic. If you are interested in joining one of these upcoming groups (conducted synchronously in Zoom), please email the designated contact person as soon as possible, but no later than February 5, 2021.

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