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RIT Ready: Moving Forward Into Fall
Faculty Course Technology Support

Designing Inclusivity into Your Course

Rita Margarida Magalhaes and Rebecca Johnson -- At the heart of an equitable and inclusive classroom environment is the belief that all students have a right to learn and that students are welcome as they are, without the need to code switch or out themselves. You can communicate this belief to students through classroom policies and intentional design choices. The approaches to inclusive design and policy setting in this post are informed by Universal Design for Learning and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. The strategies presented here are not meant to be exhaustive.

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Building Inclusive Communities in All Modes of Instruction

Rita Margarida Magalhaes and Rebecca Johnson -- The notion of a "classroom" as a physical space in which we gather together to learn and challenge one another has fragmented across modes and platforms in the COVID-19 pandemic. It may take a little more work and intention to create an inclusive learning community with your students in this new landscape, but it is possible.

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Using Digital Tools to Support Classroom Activities in All Modes

Rebecca Johnson and Katie Bush--The digital tools that you may be using to teach in a physically distanced classroom can be used to facilitate academic continuity in the event of a pivot to different modes of instruction. In this post, we'll describe digital tools that facilitate common classroom activities across all modes. Contact the Innovative Learning Institute with questions about any of the digital tools that you may be using.

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Join a Fall 2020 Teaching Circle

The Innovative Learning Institute is pleased to announce the following online Teaching Circles for Fall Semester 2020. A teaching circle is a small group of teachers who come together for at least one term to have robust discussions about a teaching and learning topic. If you are interested in joining one of these upcoming groups (conducted synchronously in Zoom or asynchronously in myCourses), please email the identified facilitator as soon as possible, but no later than August 26.

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A Guided Tour of the Demo Online Courses

Rebecca Johnson--Facing a blank myCourses shell can be daunting. The ILI has made six demo online courses, each developed and taught by RIT faculty, available to you as examples—Christine Kray’s ANTH 245, Sandi Connelly’s BIOG 102, Chris Schreck’s CRIM 230, Danny Maffia’s HCIA 719, Bernie Brooks’s MATH 261, and Lauren Hall’s POLS 290. If you are not already enrolled, please request access to these demo online courses. In this post, I’ll provide some suggestions for how you might make use of these demo courses.

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