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Formatting text in myCourses

The myCourses HTML Editor is available when you create or edit most text-based content in myCourses, such as discussion topics, instructions for dropbox folders, News items, and content topics. Generating text within the HTML Editor is an alternative to uploading Word documents, pdfs, and other content files.

The benefits of creating content within myCourses include:

  • Optimized viewing across multiple web-browsers, whether students use a desktop computer, tablet or phone
  • Ability to quickly revise content without uploading files
  • Content loads more quickly

If exact formatting is important to your information, you may want to keep content as Microsoft Word or PDF files to help ensure that it retains the desired appearance, but for most text, working in HTML in myCourses is easier and more flexible.

These two key steps can help ensure your content is presented in a clear and consistent format.

Use the paste text  and paste from word icons

If you compose text content in another application (such as a word processor), you can copy and paste content into the HTML Editor using the paste features found on the toolbar:

  • Use the Paste as Plain Text  icon to paste your content as text only; character formatting (such as bold, italics, and size), hyperlinks, tables, numbered or bulleted lists, and other formatting is lost.
  • To copy and paste content copied from Microsoft Word, use the Paste from Word icon.

Pasting from Word will retain most, though not all, formatting. You may notice changes with:

  • Numbered or bullet lists
  • Tabs
  • Headers and footers
  • Page numbers

Use the toolbar to format text, insert images, and create tables

When you format text with the toolbar buttons, it ensures that your content will appear as you intended to your students. Available formatting includes bold, italics, font size, links, tables, numbered or bulleted lists, and preformatted heading styles.

A full explanation of all the toolbar functions

If you are creating brand new content, it’s best to create it in the myCourses HTML editor to avoid any changes that can result from pasting from external sources. Remember, you can save content as Draft so students can’t see it until it is ready.

Meet with TLS to learn about using myCourses more effectively.

When to use uploaded files

If you find you can’t achieve the style or format that you want easily with the editor, it is a good indicator that a pdf or MS Word file may be a better fit for your content.

  • Use PDF files when the content is stable and doesn’t have to be changed often.
  • Use Word for worksheets or other material that you want students to modify and resubmit using the dropbox.

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