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SnagIt is an application that records desktop images and sounds and saves them as a video file. Faculty can use SnagIt to create simple videos on their desktop for use in flipped or online classes. 

Note: RIT does not provide site licenses for this product; users must purchase the software or arrange with their department.

Videos can include:

  • Presentations
  • Tablet/whiteboard talks
  • Software demonstrations
  • Websites
  • Documents

What are the benefits?

  • You can use SnagIt to make videos from anything you can display on your computer screen.
  • SnagIt saves files as MPEG4 (MP4), the preferred format for mobile devices.
  • You can upload videos to RIT's video server for student access and captioning.

Vendor Documentation

Using SnagIt to Create Class Videos

SnagIt identifies a region of the screen and records the visual information in that area, along with audio from the microphone, the system, or both.

Before recording
  • Create or plan your visual components ahead of time. Make sure they illustrate clearly the content you want to explain.
  • Create an outline of what you will say.
Getting ready to record
  1. Open the windows you plan to record, such as a PowerPoint presentation, a website, software for demonstration, or a PDF document.
  2. "Stack" the live areas that you wish to record on top of each other on your screen.
  3. If you are using PowerPoint, the Slide Show mode automatically goes to full screen. To resize it for your SnagIt window, hit Alt-D, Alt-V. This launches a window you can resize and re-position.
    • Open SnagIt.
    • Select Video.
  4. Recommended Settings:
  5. Capture Type: Fixed Region
  6. Properties (at bottom of Capture Type drop-down): Rectangle dimensions: 800 x 600
  7. Share: File
    • Click the red button in the lower right corner to set up the recording.
  8. Move the recording region over the section you want to record and click the mouse.
  9. The yellow frame with crosshairs indicates the area that will be recorded.
  10. A window will confirm that audio is coming from the microphone and the system. Change these settings by clicking on the microphone or system buttons on the control panel.
  11. You may have to resize and/or reposition windows before recording.
  12. Hit the ESC key to return to the desktop without recording.
    • The recording window and control panel are now set for you to begin recording.
    • Prepare any notes you want to consult while recording.
  1. Click the record button in the control panel.
  2. A countdown window appears.
  3. The yellow frame of the window will scroll during recording.
  4. Narrate as you click through your presentation, demonstrate software, or move from window to window as you wish.
  5. Everything in the active area will be recorded.
    • Click the Pause button to take a break, but not stop recording.
  6. To end recording, click the Stop button.
  7. There is a message that the recording is being finalized.
    • The recording will open in a SnagIt Editor window.
    • ​Click on the File tab of the SnagIt Editor window to save the file to your hard drive.

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