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Michael Starenko--On November 3, the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) and Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) hosted the 2nd annual Provost’s Learning Innovations Grant (PLIG) Showcase in University Gallery. Attendees had the opportunity to speak to PLIG recipients about their experiences using these grants and what they discovered about teaching and learning in implementing their projects.

Provost Jeremy Haefner talking with two with PLIG recipients








Seventeen projects from last year’s PLIG cohort were represented via a remarkable variety of poster-computer monitor-learning object displays, with presentations from

  • Gregory Babbitt: "Introducing Fundamental Biology through Biology-Inspired Human Innovations"
  • Mihail Barbosu, Jennifer Connelly, and Dorin Patru: "Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning in Astrodynamics"
  • Miguel Bazdresch: "Simple Satellite Ground Station for Hands-On Learning"
  • Sandra Connelly and Jeff Mills: "Design and Implementation of an Experiential Learning Workshop for the Sciences"
  • Lorrie Frear and Kelly Murdoch-Kitt: "EUREKA Interdisciplinary Design Blitz"
  • Robert Garrick: "Learning Analytic Analysis of Flipped Classroom Video Usage"
  • Dhireesha Kudithipudi: "Use of Educational Design Patterns and Flipped Classroom Models in a New Computer Engineering Course"
  • Susan Lakin and Tona Henderson: "Content Marketing in Gaming"
  • Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard: "Analysis of Faculty and Student Time Resources in Online Courses"
  • Cristian Linte: "A 'One-Stop Shop' for Effective Scientific Presentation Design and Delivery Tools: Developing a Resource-sharing Repository and Face-to-Face Presentation Center for Students and Faculty"
  • Cristian Linte and Alan Man: "Interactive Learning Modules for Biomedical Engineers: Bridging Fluid Mechanics, Stress Analysis and Biomechanics with Systems Physiology"
  • Hinda Mandell and Kelly Norris Martin: "The Podcast Advantage: Flipping a Journalism Class Using Podcasts and Enhancing an Already-Flipped, Gen Ed Course with Podcasts"
  • Ray Ptucha: "Multi-Disciplinary Autonomous Driving"
  • Rudy Pugliese and Kari Cameron: "Flipping Sports Public Relations"
  • Marla Schweppe: "Exploration of Techniques to Integrate Images into Clothing and the Environment"
  • Rachel Silvestrini: "Applied Learning Analytics Using RIT Data Collected from myCourses"

Since 2001, RIT has awarded 228 PLIG grants. These grants have been a critical source of funding (some $1.5 million thus far) for faculty throughout RIT who want to explore new methods and technologies to enhance student learning. Every successful proposal can be viewed on the PLIG website. Provost Jeremy Haefner launched the PLIG 2017 cycle on October 25, 2016, with a call for proposals that are due on January 25, 2017. He will announce the awards on March 22, 2017. All full-time RIT faculty (tenured, tenure-track, visiting, lecturers) are eligible to apply.

The launch of the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) in 2012, and its charge to assist in the creation of exceptional learning experiences for students, led to an evaluation of PLIG and a revitalization of the program to better support dissemination of individual faculty learning to the wider RIT faculty population—and that’s what the annual PLIG Showcase is all about.





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