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Our Consultants


Dr. David S. Martins, University Writing Program Director,

Writing Commons Coordinator

  • Phil Shaw

    Phil Shaw is Writing Commons Coordinator as well as a full-time lecturer in the University Writing Program. He first became interested in Writing Center work as a peer consultant at the University of Denver and then as a professional consultant here at RIT. His other research interests include metacognition and cognitive studies, student agency, and knowledge transfer between disciplines. He enjoys road trips, vinyl records, cats, effects pedals, and coffee.

Writing Consultants

  • Claudia Alant

    Claudia is a first-year Mechanical Engineering major expecting to complete a Mathematics Minor and Bioengineering immersion. She will be working as a peer writing consultant and she is thrilled to learn more about how students across many disciplines use language to bring ideas to fruition. Claudia is a member of Hot Wheelz (a Formula Electric vehicle team comprised completely of females), fluent in Afrikaans, and insatiably curious.

  • Israel Anthony

    Israel is a second-year Game Design & Development major and is in his first semester working as a peer writing consultant. His favorite part about working at the Writing Commons is seeing the ways writing is used in all kinds of disciplines. Israel enjoys writing his own short narratives and incorporating them into his technical discipline of game development.

  • Taryn Brennan

    Taryn is a third year International and Global Studies student and is in her second semester working as a peer writing consultant. She is involved in multiple organizations across campus, including RIT’s Model United Nations and MCAS. Taryn works for the LGBT MSO Outspoken and as a peer mentor for the Sociology/Anthropology Department within COLA. Her favorite part of working as a peer consultant is getting the chance to know and connect with students from all backgrounds and experiences via the written word.

  • Taylor Derrisaw

    Taylor is a fourth-year student who is currently studying Finance with an Economics immersion. Taylor is a third-year peer consultant and enjoys working with different people and adapting to new challenges that arise while working with student writers in the Commons. He also works as the News Editor for Reporter Magazine, RIT’s student-run publication. Taylor is an Officer Candidate in the Marine Corps and enjoys biking and reading.

  • RE Fulton

    RE Fulton has been consulting with student writers for over six years, working on projects ranging from graduate dissertations in electrical engineering to reflective essays for freshman writing--and everything in between! Their interests include writing, criminology, history, the philosophy of science, linguistics, health and medicine, politics, science fiction, and more writing. Outside of the Writing Commons, RE teaches First Year Writing in the University Writing Program, studies the history of crime and medicine in New York State, and knits socks. 


  • Annika Garbers

    Annika is a second year Industrial and Systems Engineering major. She is in her second semester working as a peer writing consultant and is excited to help students improve their projects and grow as writers. Annika is involved in many clubs and organizations on campus including Hot Wheelz (all-female Formula Electric vehicle team), the Society of Women Engineers, the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers, and RIT FIRST Robotics. She works part-time for CBG Images Design as a proofreader/copywriter and for RIT’s Office of the Provost as a Website Assistant.

  • Abby Glogower

    Abby is a doctoral candidate in visual and cultural studies at the University of Rochester with a focus on nineteenth-century America (which she swears is not as boring as it might sound). Abby has been a professional writing tutor for seven years and enjoys working with students on writing projects across the disciplines. She loves vegetarian cooking, watching documentaries, and hanging out with her three big dogs. 


  • Gregory Goh

    Gregory Goh is a third-year Computer Science major and is in his fourth semester working at the Writing Commons. Gregory likes to call himself a writer who writes in natural languages and programming languages. His interests include cardistry (flourishes and tricks with playing cards), as well as crafting and exploring narrative experiences in video games. Besides English, Gregory can speak Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

  • Taylor Gould

    Taylor enjoys working at the Writing Commons because it gives her opportunity to work with new people and help people become better writers.  Not only does she help people who come to The Writing Commons, but the center also helps to enhance her reading, writing, communication, and tutoring skills and exposes her to new forms of writing she has never seen before. She is a 3rd year Industrial and Systems engineering student here at RIT and is also a member of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha.

  • Geoffrey Kanteles

    Geoffrey is a second year Computing Security student and is in his first semester working as a peer consultant. Geoff is a member of the pep band, enjoys gaming, and outdoor activities.

  • Gregory Lattanzio

    Greg has many years of experience teaching technical writing, creative writing, and literature. Following the completion his MA and PhD in English, he has spent the past several years working with students in the Rochester area. His special interests include research on gender and sexuality, digital humanities, cultural studies, contemporary American fiction, and film.

  • Jennifer Litt

    Jennifer Litt is the sole proprietor of Jennifer Litt Writing Services ( and teaches writing at SUNY Brockport and the Rochester Institute of Technology. A poet, Jennifer’s work has appeared in several anthologies, journals, and magazines, including Jet Fuel Review, LUMINA, Mixed Fruit, Naugatuck River Review and nycBigCityLit. She is the author of the chapbook, Maximum Speed through Zero, published in 2016 by Blue Lyra Press in its Delphi Series, Volume 2. She lives in Rochester, New York.

  • Roshan Matthew

    Roshan is a second-year student pursuing a degree in Human-Centered Computing at GCCIS. He loves collaborating with writers from various disciplines and enjoys being a part of the process that translates people’s thoughts and ideas into words. Roshan is multi-lingual, has experience working with writers whose first language is not English and is also conversant in basic ASL. In his free time, he is involved in various clubs and activities such as the RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center, Global Leadership Readiness Program, DISA, RIT Badminton & Tennis clubs.

  • Adrienne Maher

    Adrienne Maher teaches in the University Writing Program here at R.I.T., as well as being a writing Consultant in the Writing Commons. She also teaches writing and literature courses at SUNY Geneseo and is a Writing Consultant at the University of Rochester.  She holds a Ph.D. in English/Creative Writing from SUNY Binghamton, an M.A. in English Literature from SUNY Brockport, and is currently working on an Ed.D in Teaching and Curriculum from the University of Rochester.  Adrienne’s special weaknesses are traditional Irish music, poetry, traveling, and eating out.


  • Betsy Hicks McDonald

    Betsy is a linguist from a bilingual family and is fluent in American Sign Language and English with a knowledge of French and Russian.  She enjoys analyzing and explaining grammar and the cultural traditions of rhetoric.  Her career has included teaching composition, English as a second language, research skills, and sign language linguistics.  

  • Bezankeng Njinju

    Bezankeng is a 3rd-year Applied Math & Economics double major. Aside from being a consultant, she has other roles on campus which include being a Resident Assistant (RA) and a Tour Guide & Student Ambassador for the Office of Admissions. She values working at the Writing Commons because it not only gives her a chance to work with writers from a variety of backgrounds but also enables her to have unique conversations about works from various disciplines. Her absolute favorite foods are ice cream and pasta; in her spare time she enjoys reading, ice skating and watching Netflix. 

  • Benjamin Padovano

    Benjamin is a second year Electrical Engineering student in KGCOE and is in his second semester working as a peer writing consultant. As someone who loves technology, Ben enjoys discussing topics involving new innovations with science, engineering, and education. He enjoys being an ultra-consumer and analyzing new forms of narrative writing, Virtual Reality, and indirect storytelling in gaming and motion pictures. Ben aims to help students become more familiar with their personal writing practices by drawing on his interest in metacognition.

  • Kaitie Spaude

    Kaitie is a third-year student pursuing dual degrees in Journalism and Media Arts and Technology and is in her third semester working as a peer writing consultant. Besides writing in AP style, Kaitie also writes code and can whip up a mean lab report. She believes writing should be about getting your information out to the world in the most efficient way possible. Kaitie works at the RIT Telefund office where she is a supervisor and out at the Western NY Skydiving drop zone where she packs tandem parachutes for skydivers.

  • Erin Tan

    Erin is a third-year Motion Picture Science major. Much of her writing experience comes from writing lab reports, scientific papers, and code. As a writing consultant, she is excited to work with students to help develop academic writing and rhetoric. She is fluent in both English and Cantonese. In her spare time, she loves reading, playing video games, and doing archery.

  • Bridgette Yaxley

    Bridgette Yaxley teaches First Year Writing Seminar classes on behalf of the University Writing Program at RIT and also serves as a Writing Consultant for the Writing Commons. In her free time, Bridgette enjoys screenwriting, volunteering in the Rochester community for a number of charitable causes, traveling, and taking in our annual jazz festival.