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Mission & Philosophy

Students at RIT and its global locations are introduced to university writing in their First Year Writing course, gain mastery of discipline-specific written forms in a WI-Program course, and complete at least one additional WI course (e.g., WI-General Education, or a second WI-program course course; D01.5).

WAC at RIT prepares our students for the written communication demands of their coursework, co-op experiences, and future workplaces. To do this, we are guided by the following principles:

Writing practice fosters critical thinking

Writing is a complex activity that must be continually adapted to contexts shaped by disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and professional audiences and purposes. Writing abilities are essential for graduates to secure jobs, advance in their chosen professions, and participate in all forms of civic life.

Writing proficiency develops over time

Students develop writing abilities when they have frequent opportunities to address multiple audiences and practice the genres typical in their fields of study.

Writing instruction takes place throughout the curriculum

Faculty across the curriculum share the responsibility for teaching students the conventions and rhetorical practices of their disciplines. Writing instruction spread throughout the curriculum enables the development and transfer of writing competencies.

Writing practices are constantly changing

New and exciting writing practices emerge with digital technologies. Global realities highlight the increasingly significant role of culture and language difference in written communication.