Accepted Ph.D. Students

Enrollment Checklist

To accept our offer of admission, please complete the online “Reply to Offer of Admission” form which can be found on your Admissions Application Status Page at

Now that you are admitted, you are required to confirm your acceptance of our offer to the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services, to the Dean of Graduate Studies and your academic department. Confirmation of your enrollment will reserve your place in your program, provision your RIT computer account and allow you to apply for campus housing. The deadline for confirming your acceptance of our offer is stated in your acceptance letter. Please see your acceptance letter for additional details and any additional required steps to confirm your enrollment. PhD students do NOT need to pay a tuition deposit.

Your RIT Computer Account and Your RIT Email address will be provisioned when you confirm your enrollment, as indicated in the step above. You will receive an account activation email from RIT when your Acceptance of Admissions deposit has been received and posted to our system. The account activation email will be sent to the email address supplied on your admissions application. If after two business days you have not received the account activation email, please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance at Please note: the RIT Student Computer account is different than the RIT Admissions Account you used during the application process.

RIT provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an extra layer of security for systems that store sensitive data. MFA is a way of ensuring that only you are able to access your accounts in these applications. In addition to your username and password, MFA requires you to provide an additional verification step to prove it is really you accessing your account. All RIT students’ need to enroll in MFA. Steps on how to enroll or to more about how MFA works can be found here

Current RIT community members/current students who already have an active RIT computer account will not receive an activation email as your current RIT account will remain the same.

RIT has partnered with Google to provide RIT Gmail accounts to all students. To access your RIT Gmail account, visit the home for Google Apps at RIT, All email communication from RIT will be sent to your RIT student email address. Additionally, you can set e-mail preferences by visiting

Students from China may not be able to access your RIT email account since it is driven by Google. If this is the case, it is important that you follow the instructions below to forward email from your RIT account to another email account you use.

  • Navigate to and click the Mail Preferences link on the left.
  • You will be prompted to log in using your RIT computer account.
  • Under the Mail Forwarding option, click the other radio button and provide the full email address that you want the mail to go to.
  • Save by selecting Change my Email Settings.

Visit if you would like to be considered for RIT housing. RIT housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon the date you confirm your enrollment and submit your housing application. RIT housing is available for graduate students but cannot be guaranteed.

RIT offers a number of orientation programs and options for new graduate students. Visit the RIT Graduate School to learn more and register for orientation programs. Dates/times may not yet be posted, so check back regularly for updated info.

If you have been awarded a scholarship or you have received any other departmental financial award, be sure to follow instructions for acceptance on the award letter.

All graduate students enrolled in another college must submit final official transcripts. If you will receive a degree prior to enrollment at RIT, final transcripts must indicate receipt of the degree and conferred date. When all your classes are complete, make arrangements to submit transcripts to the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services:

1. By mail - Original transcripts issued by your university and sent to RIT in a sealed envelope. (If they are mailed to you, they must remain in their original, sealed envelope.)

  • Attention: Office of Graduate Enrollment Services
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Bausch & Lomb Center, Bldg. 77, Room A-130
  • 58 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester, New York 14623-5604

2. Digital Copy - Some institutions allow you to request a digital copy. You can request a PDF official copy be emailed to

3. In-Person - You may present them in-person in their original, sealed envelope.

Failure to submit official original transcripts and proof of completion of degree required for entry to your RIT program will result in your being unable to register for courses.

If your admission to RIT is contingent on additional coursework or other special requirements, a Graduate Admission Contingency Form is enclosed in your acceptance packet. Please read it carefully. Sign one copy and send it to the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services in the envelope provided, or fax to 1-585-475- 7164, or send a scanned copy by email to If you have any questions regarding the conditions of your acceptance, please contact your academic department.

Directions for completing required health history and immunization forms will be emailed to your RIT student computer account from the Student Health Center. Forms should be submitted as early as possible. Please contact the Student Health Center at (585) 475-2255 or with questions. Additional information is available at

RIT requires that full-time graduate students maintain health insurance. Coverage is available through the RIT “group rate” insurance plan. The annual rate for health insurance for the past academic year was $2,006. Learn more about the RIT Student Health Insurance Plan. Additional information is also stated in your acceptance letter.

If you have questions about your program or registering for classes, contact the graduate program director or advisor in your academic department. Visit the Department Contact List and click on your specific program to obtain your Graduate Program Director’s contact information. They can assist you in reviewing program requirements, planning a schedule, and guiding you through the registration process.

Review the section below under Guide for Full Time Students to help you plan for your arrival.

If, due to unusual circumstances, you are unable to attend RIT in the term you have been admitted, you may be able to defer your admission to a future term. Please contact Graduate Enrollment Services at (585) 475- 2229 or for more information and to find out if a deferral is possible.

Obtaining Your Student Visa

Details on how to receive your SEVIS I-20 Form (or DS-2019) from RIT can be found on this website

The following instructions are for obtaining your F-1 student visa if you have an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility:

You should contact the Embassy or Consulate of the United States at which you expect to apply for an F-1 Student Visa, and ask what will be required in the application process. This varies from station to station. You may or may not be interviewed in person for visa approval. Regardless, you should be prepared for the visa interview with the following documents:

  • Entire I-20 form (three pages)
  • The original letter of admission to RIT
  • Copies of all academic records and test results, including GMAT or GRE (if required for admission to RIT), and TOEFL report
  • Scholarship or assistantship notification letter if you have a financial award from RIT
  • Assistantship or campus employment notification if awarded
  • Original bank statement showing the amount you or your sponsor is expected to contribute to your expenses at RIT, as shown on your I-20
  • Letter of support from your sponsor, indicating the amount of funding to be given for your support
  • Letter of guarantee from the bank or other agency if a loan is part of your support

If you are currently in your country of citizenship and do not possess a valid (un-expired) F-1 visa, present your I-20 form and your passport to the nearest American Consulate to officially apply for an F-1 student visa.

Please note the following if you possess a valid F-1 visa from another school: If you have previously entered the US with an I-20 and visa from another school, you may use that same visa along with an RIT I-20 to re-enter the US for attendance at RIT.

If your F-1 visa has never been used to enter the US, then you will need to get it replaced or adjusted at the US embassy. The very first time you enter the US with a new F-1 visa, the school that is noted on that visa must match the I-20 and must be for the school you will attend. So, you will need to go back to the embassy and request a replacement or adjustment to the school annotation on your visa. Please be prepared to show all the documentation that you showed on your first visa interview (acceptance letter, proof of financial support, I-20).

If you are not in the United States, and not in your country of citizenship, present your I-20 form and your passport to the nearest American Embassy or Consulate and follow the procedures above as if you were in your country of citizenship.

If you are in the United States and are transferring to RIT from another school, and do not intend to leave the U.S. prior to your arrival at RIT, bring your RIT I-20 and your passport, proof that you were a full-time student at your previous school in the term prior to your transfer to RIT (International Student Advisor’s Report), and a copy of your official registration at RIT as a full-time student to International Student Services at RIT no later than 15 days after the beginning of classes. The Coordinator will endorse your transfer to RIT and return your I-20 Student Copy to you. This will complete your transfer to RIT.

You are required to report to International Student Services in the Office of Student Transition and Support at RIT within 5 days of your arrival at RIT. Failure to do so may jeopardize your visa status. The International Student Services office is located in the Student Alumni Union. Contact information is available at the end of this packet.

The following instructions are for obtaining your J-1 exchange visitor visa if you have a DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility:

You should contact the Embassy or Consulate of the United States at which you expect to apply for a J-1 Student Visa, and ask what will be required in the application process. This varies from station to station. You may or may not be interviewed in person for visa approval. Regardless, you should be prepared for the visa interview with the following documents:

  • Entire DS-2019 form (three pages)
  • The original letter of admission to RIT
  • Copy of all academic records and test results, including GMAT or GRE (if required for admission to RIT), and TOEFL report
  • Scholarship or assistantship notification letter if you have a financial award from RIT
  • Assistantship or campus employment notification if awarded
  • Guarantee from your sponsor indicating the amount of funding which will be provided for your support while at RIT
  • Proof of health insurance which will be valid in the United States
  • Original bank statements showing the amount you will provide for your support, if appropriate.

Be advised that some persons granted J-1 visas are subject to a “two year residency requirement” which means that the visa holder will be required to return to his/her home country for a period of two years before certain other U.S. visas will be granted. Persons who are subject to this requirement are those whose exchange visitor program is financed by either the government or the home country; whose skills are needed by the home country; or whose purpose in coming to the United States is to receive graduate medical education or training.

If you are in the United States and are transferring to RIT from another school at which your category in section 4 of your current DS-2019 is “student,” you will not be required to leave the U.S. to obtain a new visa if your current “program sponsor” will sign the release at the bottom right side of the RIT DS-2019 allowing your program sponsorship to be assumed by RIT. You must present your RIT DS-2019 with the signed release section to International Student Services upon arrival at RIT. If your current category was other than “student” or if your current school will not release you, then you must apply from outside the United States for a new visa before beginning your studies at RIT.

You are required to report to International Student Services in the Office of Student Transition and Support at RIT within 5 days of your arrival at RIT. Failure to do so may jeopardize your visa status.

Arrival Information

The information provided here will help you as you plan for your arrival at RIT. If you are beginning your studies at RIT in Spring or Summer terms, you may move into your RIT housing on the day before classes begin.

RIT has a semester calendar. You can view the current Institute Calendar as well as the calendar for the upcoming academic year online at With academic department approval, you may join classes NO LATER than the sixth class day from the beginning of the term.

RIT is located within 7 miles of the Rochester International Airport. If you are arriving by plane, you should take a taxi from the airport to the campus. The taxi fare is approximately $20. If you are arriving by bus or train, you should choose the destination of “Rochester, New York” and take a taxi from the train station or bus terminal to the campus. The ride will be about 20-30 minutes and the taxi fare will vary.

Students arriving in New York City (NYC) by plane should book passage through to Rochester, which is an additional one-hour flight. You may also take a train or bus from New York City, which will take an additional 8 hours to reach Rochester. Allow yourself enough time to travel from the NYC airport (LaGuardia, Kennedy, or Newark) to the train station or bus terminal, as ground transportation in NYC can be time consuming.

If you are assigned campus housing, the Housing Operations Office will contact you with more details regarding move-in dates and procedures. Check the On-Campus Living website at for more information.

Remember that most of the RIT housing available for graduate students is not furnished. You should have something to sleep on for your first night on campus. Students living in RIT apartments should not send their belongings ahead.

The weather in Rochester is varied. It is usually hot and humid from June through September, and cold and snowy from November through March. Other months are moderate in temperature. You will need a heavy wind and rain resistant coat, waterproof boots, and gloves for the cold months. Students usually wear comfortable, informal clothing to attend classes.

You should bring enough money with you for your first few weeks at RIT. You may also wish to consider using an ATM machine on campus to access cash from an account previously established. The ATM machines on campus are supplied by Advantage Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, First Niagara and M&T, and use the NYCE, CIRRUS, Global Access, PLUS, Visa, and MasterCard networks. You should not carry more than $100 in cash.

You may open a checking and/or savings account at a bank in the Rochester area usually between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. It will take about 2 weeks for your new account to be activated, and for you to receive personalized checks from the bank.

If you will arrive in Rochester prior to the arrival date above, you should make arrangements to stay in an area hotel. You should make a reservation at the hotel/motel before you arrive, and be sure to ask if there is an RIT discount rate. RIT does not offer early arrival accommodations. Following is a list of area hotels/motels for your reference:

RIT Inn and Conference Center 5257
West Henrietta Road
(585) 359-1800

Radisson Inn
175 Jefferson Road
(585) 475-1910

Courtyard by Marriott – Brighton
33 Corporate Woods
(585) 292-1000

Red Roof Inn
4820 West Henrietta Road
(585) 359-1100

Best Western Rochester Marketplace Inn
940 Jefferson Road
(585) 427-2700

Super 8 Motel – Rochester/Henrietta
1000 Lehigh Station Road
(585) 359-1630

Double Tree Hotel by Hilton
1111 Jefferson Road
(585) 475-1510

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
797 East Henrietta Road
(585) 427-0131

Microtel Inn – Rochester
905 Lehigh Station Road
(585) 334-3400

Holiday Inn
800 Jefferson Road

Additional Information for Graduate Students

The RIT student ID is a picture ID, your RIT library card and your access to campus facilities. You will need your RIT student ID for student rates for tickets to special campus events, to obtain an on-campus parking permit, or to write a check on campus. You can obtain your RIT student ID once you arrive on campus at the Office of the Registrar on the first floor of the George Eastman Building. Hours of operation are posted on the Registrar website For more information, phone the Registrar at 585-475-2821 or click the “Ask the Registrar” link on their website.

All vehicles operated on campus must be registered with Public Safety, and must display an Institute parking hangtag. Both a valid RIT ID and a state car registration (or a copy) are required to register your vehicle. You may register your vehicle online at or by going to the Public Safety Office in Grace Watson Dining Hall (Building 25). When you register your vehicle, you will receive a Public Safety map that shows the locations of the courtesy call boxes, parking regulations, and other important information.

The Barnes & Noble @ RIT Bookstore is the place to buy textbooks and any educational materials you may need for your courses. You can make your course material purchases online at or in-person. The Barnes & Noble @ RIT Bookstore is located at 100 Park Point Drive, adjacent to the campus. Hours of operation are listed on their website. As an RIT student, you may also purchase computer equipment and software at discount rates. For more information call the Barnes & Noble @ RIT Bookstore at (585) 424-6766.

MyCourses is the campus-wide course management system in use at RIT. Every RIT course has a myCourses presence. This web-based application enables instructors to enhance their on-campus courses with online features that are utilized at the discretion of the instructor. In addition, many online course instructors employ myCourses to deliver their courses. Students login to myCourses with their RIT DCE account. More information and help on how to use myCourses can be found at

The Student Information System, or SIS, provides a convenient method for students to register for courses and obtain information from the Registrar’s and Student Financial Services offices. SIS is a menu driven system which uses onscreen prompts to allow you to access the function you desire and navigate through the various options. Once you have a RIT student computer account you can access SIS via:

Each graduate department has specific requirements and procedures for graduate students. New graduate students should contact their academic advisor for additional information regarding registration. Visit the Graduate Programs Page and select your degree program for detailed information.

Online Students: Once your academic advisor has assisted you with course registration for your first term of study with RIT, you will be granted access to myCourses, the online course management portal.

Continuing students may register in person, by mail, by fax (585-475-7005), or online via the Student Information System at

Billing and Payment Resources

PhD students do not need to pay a tuition deposit.

You may view and pay your electronic bill in eServices.

Due dates, payment options, and policies are available from Student Financial Services.

Financial Aid and Scholarship

Full-time, accepted graduate students may be awarded scholarships and assistantships by their academic departments. Scholarships are generally awarded during the admission review process. If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will receive a scholarship letter in your acceptance packet.

Assistantships are awarded through the academic departments and the process varies by department. For more information regarding application procedures, please contact the graduate coordinator in your academic department.

RIT’s Division of Student Affairs offers a wide variety of Graduate Assistant opportunities each year. Each role may be looking for different skills and abilities, we encourage you to look through the position descriptions on this web page and apply to the ones that you are interested in.

If you have not been awarded a scholarship or assistantship, you can contact your academic advisor concerning opportunities that might be available to you after you enroll at RIT.

Financial Aid – To apply for federal financial aid (available only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents), you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have results sent to RIT. Our federal school code is 002806. New York residents can apply for the state’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) by completing the TAP application. Forms are available at most colleges or may be obtained by contacting the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Additional financial aid information, including links to federal aid programs and an electronic FAFSA form, can be obtained by visiting the Financial Aid Forms page

Student Employment – Full-time, matriculated students (12 or more credits or full-time equivalent) may hold part-time jobs on campus. You may apply for campus jobs after you arrive on campus through the Student Employment Office or by visiting the Student Employment Office website. Students may not work more than 20 hours per week and you must have a U.S. Social Security number before you can interview for an on-campus job.

Alternative educational loans - Alternative educational loans are private loans offered through banks to supplement financial aid awards. RIT is required to certify these loans to ensure that the loan amount does not exceed the cost of attendance less all other financial aid. Most alternative loans are disbursed equally into student accounts according to enrollment plans. If you decide that an alternative loan is right for you, you may borrow from any lender that you choose. When choosing a lender for an alternative loan, you may wish to consider the following factors:

  • Citizenship status required by the lender, for both the borrower and the co-signer
  • Loan costs (interest rates and fees)
  • Borrower benefits and discounts
  • Customer service

RIT does not recommend or endorse particular lenders. We encourage students to review all of the options and loan terms and conditions very carefully first.

Campus Services

RIT is a remarkable and diverse university with a vast array of services and opportunities to attend activities and events as well as vital student needs. Some of the services provided on campus are the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services, the Student Health Center, Public Safety, the Wallace Library, Information Systems and Computing Services, the Counseling Center, and Margaret’s House Child Care Program.

Included on campus are laundry facilities, dining halls, convenience stores, hairdressers, bookstore, religious services, athletic facilities, medical facility, and computer centers. There is transportation provided across campus during most hours. A shuttle bus service is provided at set hours between the campus and local shopping areas. Taxis and the regional public bus service also serve the campus.

RIT offers on-campus housing to over 7,000 students. As a graduate student you may apply for RIT housing in a residence hall, an apartment complex or the RIT Inn and Conference Center. RIT has five apartment complexes. All apartments are equipped with a refrigerator, sink, cupboards, and stove in the kitchen and a full bathroom. Apartments, with the exception of University Commons, are unfurnished. Furnishings can be rented or purchased upon your arrival. The RIT Inn and Conference Center offers a fully furnished double room with a private bath and shower. A dining facility is available on site along with a pool, fitness room, and laundry room. Shuttle service is provided to all students living in the apartments and the RIT Inn and Conference Center.

RIT housing information is included in this packet. Please submit your Housing Contract online at RIT housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon the date we receive your enrollment confirmation and apartment application. RIT housing is available for graduate students, but cannot be guaranteed.

RIT has self-operating dining locations and offers a variety of dining options including: Brick City Café, Global Village Cantina and Grille, Grace Watson Dining Hall (Gracie’s), the RITZ Sports Zone, the Commons, and the Crossroads Café and Market. In addition, the Corner Store offers everything a convenience store has to offer and more. Each dining facility is open at specific hours and has unique menus and services. More information can be obtained by visiting the web site at

Students may open a Dining Dollars Account to be used in any of the dining location on campus. You may deposit any amount of money into your Dining Dollars account. No minimum balance is required. When using your Dining Dollars Account to pay for food in any of the dining location, you will receive an 8% savings off your total purchase. Any money deposited into your Dining Dollars account will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester and any unused Dining Dollars will be forfeited.

A Tiger Bucks Account differs from a Dining Dollars Account in that Tiger Spend allows students to purchase goods and services at participating locations not restricted to dining locations. For example, you may use Tiger Bucks for purchases at all dining locations, vending machines, the library, the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and the Digital Den, to name only a few. To add funds to either of these accounts, please visit If you have any questions about the dining options or meal plans, please contact Dining at or 585-475-5000.

RIT has a tradition of honoring and supporting active duty military, veterans, and their families. For over 50 years, RIT has had a Veterans Services Office dedicated to supporting and advocating for active duty military, veterans, and their dependents. Please visit to learn more about the resources available and for essential military education benefits information and paperwork.

The Student Health Center provides primary medical care on an outpatient basis. The staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, a physician assistant, nurses, support staff and an interpreter for the deaf. Services available include: general medical diagnosis and treatment, immunizations, sexual health services, basic laboratory tests, mental health care, prescriptions, and lifestyle counseling.

Students can elect to pay a Health Fee of $148 per term, or a $45 fee per visit. Insurance is necessary to access off-campus services, i.e., referral to specialists and x-ray services.

Your RIT student ID card provides you with access to the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center, located between the dormitories and the Student Alumni Union. The Student Life Center features top quality equipment and athletic facilities, such as multipurpose courts, weight room, and indoor track, to help you relieve the tension of a stressful day! For hours and information, call (585) 475-2620.

Security on campus is provided by Public Safety Services, although each individual is responsible for his/her own personal safety. The safety of students and your belongings is a top priority. The campus and its buildings are patrolled regularly, a Mobile Escort van and walking escort service are available 7 days a week, and blue-light courtesy boxes are located throughout the campus.

The RIT Disability Services Office is committed to providing equal access to programs, services and physical facilities to students with disabilities. Students who would like to request academic accommodation due to a disability should submit a request form and documentation of the disability to the Disability Services Office. The Director will review the request and supporting documentation and recommend appropriate and reasonable accommodations as needed. All information submitted is considered confidential and is for use only by Disability Services. No information is released without your consent.

We do not provide or coordinate personal services. Students need to make their own arrangements for mobility training, personal care assistants and personal adaptive equipment. Tutoring is not considered an accommodation; there are various academic support opportunities available within RIT for all students.

To request accommodations due to a disability, please submit a completed Disability Services Request and documentation to the Disability Services Office. You can find the online and printable request form on our website at by clicking on the “Accommodations” link. You can also refer to the “Documentation” link for more information about documentation.

Please send requests and documentation to the Disability Services Office; do not send disability information intended to serve as documentation to Admissions, Student Health or other departments within RIT.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Disability Services Office
Student Alumni Union, Room 1150
28 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5604
Phone: (585) 475-2023 Fax: (585) 475-2215
Web Address:

RIT Graduate School 585-475-2127
Barnes & Noble @ RIT Bookstore 585-424-6766
Public Safety


585-475-3333 (for emergencies)
ITS Service Desk 585-475-5000
Student Financial Services 585-475-6186
Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships 585-475-2186
Online and Professional Education Admissions 585-475-2229
Office of the Registrar 585-475-2821
RIT Libraries at the Wallace Center 585-475-2563
Student Health Center 585-475-2255
Veterans and Military Enrollment Svcs 585-475-6641