Ethics and Compliance Hotline

To:       All RIT Faculty and Staff
Date:    November 28, 2005 1:37:43 PM EST
From:   Albert J. Simone, President
Re:       RIT’s New Ethics and Compliance Hotline
I am pleased to announce the implementation of RIT’s new ethics and compliance hotline.  This system, commonly referred to in most organizations as a whistleblower hotline, is a phone and internet-based reporting system administered by a third party, EthicsPoint, Inc.  RIT contracted with EthicsPoint to provide this comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist all of us in working together to proactively address possible violations of the Institute’s code of ethics and commitment to value-based principles.  Every employee shares in the responsibility to promote a safe and ethical environment, to conduct their business and employment activities in a highly principled fashion, and to report violations of the Institute’s ethical standards. 
Corporate scandals such as those experienced by Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and Arthur Andersen exemplify the disastrous consequences that can result by a breakdown in the ethical fabric of a company. Public companies are now required to implement similar types of whistleblower systems pursuant to the regulatory requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) signed into law in 2002.  While not-for-profit organizations, including colleges and universities, are not currently required to comply with these federal standards, we have elected to adopt relevant principles of SOX to help guide our approach to ethical business practices. 
The intent of the whistleblower requirements is to provide organizations with a tool to effectively address issues of fraud, regulatory and policy compliance, and other unethical behaviors. The EthicsPoint system is accessible via phone by calling (866)294-9358 or (866) 294-9572 TTY or online at  The system is designed to protect the anonymity of those reporting potential issues or concerns.  Please refer to the RIT ethics and compliance hotline information at for a complete description of how to access this system, and how EthicsPoint works and ensures the anonymity of all reporters.  This site contains useful information about the processes in place to ensure that all reports are appropriately handled.  You can also contact EthicsPoint directly to obtain similar information.
Your input and involvement is essential to ensure that we maintain a positive ethical environment.  All reports will be treated seriously and in complete confidence.  Unless you choose to make your identity known, your identity as a reporter or whistleblower will remain confidential even to EthicsPoint and RIT officials receiving the reports.