DATE: 2/5/2009, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Booth, room A311

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud
Notes from RIT-AAUP Meeting with Adjunct Faculty

The Provost made a brief appearance at the beginning of the meeting indicating his support of the efforts being expanded by the RIT-AAUP chapter under the leadership of T. Policano.

T. Policano reminded everyone that the Intellectual Property Policy is under final review and will soon be voted by the Academic Senate. Section “K” should be discussed by all (ownership of all course materials). Faculty commented on the various technologies available to deliver courses from traditional methods, on-line and blended courses. The on-line staff received high marks for their wonderful support and assistance to faculty who are developing materials for myCourses.

A suggestion was made and received a great deal of support that a teaching award be created for adjunct faculty along the lines of the Eisenhart Award.

The teaching load of an adjunct faculty was close to those of full-time faculty in his/her particular college.

A very wide mix of non-tenure track faculty (adjunct-lecturer-visiting) exists at the institute and some clarifications of the various titles would be helpful. The treatment of adjunct faculty varies widely from fully integrated to a department (invited to faculty meetings and social functions) to being on the periphery.
Work load metrics need to be better standardized, using contact hours versus credit hours. Courses with significant lab component often come short on the pay scale.

A great deal of discussion focused on support to adjunct faculty like course materials, office space close to the home department.

Some criticism was raised about the new payment schedule to adjunct, reducing the pay periods from 6 to 5, and delaying the initial payment. Some wonder why the first payment didn’t include the extended teaching time instead of being just a 1/5 of the whole course pay. The way that it was implemented left many with a negative impression of the worth of their efforts.

Improving the “Subject” line of future E-mail was suggested to make sure that a particular E-mail is indeed important.

An adjunct faculty member reviewed the findings of last years Adjunct Survey. The second survey of adjunct faculty is under development and includes feedback by those present at the meeting. The Provost has expressed his desire to institutionalize future surveys. An Academic Senate task force committee is being setup and will include T. Policano, Lynn Wild, a statistics faculty and others. T. Policano has asked that the others include adjunct faculty.

T. Policano announced that updated data on credit hours generated by various categories of faculty will be posted soon.

T. Policano thanked the 18 people attending the meeting and shared that over 25 others had emailed back their interest in attending but could not due to classes or other committments but all wanted to be kept informed.

respectfully submitted J Naud, 2/10/09, revised 2/11/09