DATE: Friday April 10th, 2015 11:00 AM -1:00 PM
LOCATION: Gleason 2159

Officers in attendance: President J Beck; V. President: T. Policano; Secretary: H. Nickisher; Treasurer: A. McGowan, ~ 38 Lecturers, ~3 Adjunct and Provost Haefner

Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Meeting with Provost Haefner


JH: Introduced Elena Sommers – Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, College of Liberal Arts. and Provost's Faculty Associate for Non Tenure-Track Faculty

JH: RIT in transition. Many changes in last 7-10 years. Looking to improve to make your careers move rewarding to you. Our RIT faculty distribution goal is 50%TT, 25%Lecturers, 25%Adjunct based on credit hours earned.

JB: Introduced and thanked our interpreters Daron Ladson, Jeff Harris

JH: RIT_NTT Meeting with Provost Haefner Planning Survey Results conducted by the RIT AAUP Chapter in preparation for this meeting was very helpful and informative. Gratifying to hear the many positive comments about our students

JH: Scholarship. RIT NTT faculty are not expected to do nor are they supported to due scholarship.

TP: Can Scholarship be a negotiated POW option for Lecturer PIs and CoPI?

JH: Yes and I would support language being added to the Faculty Rank category of Research Faculty that would allow Lecturers to get a leave in part or entirely from their Lecturer expectations if they can buy out their time from a grant.

JH: Workload. Quarter to semester recalculation of workload for lecturers yields 10 courses/yr. However because service at some level is expected for all Lecturers the expected workload may be reduced to 8 courses. Semester Lecturer workload expectation would be 4 courses + %20 Service (committees, curriculum, advising, student club advisor) Average TT faculty expectations - 40% Teaching, $40 Scholarship, $20 Service.

JH: Salary: Judy Bender – HR Director, now has a salary framework based on 22 peer institutions for benchmarking salaries. They have also pulled information from CUPA-HR. The framework establishes markers by dissipline.

RIT Salary basis:

  • Time in rank by rank
  • Performance (POW)
  • Benchmark goals

Do not have good data for Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and Principle Lecturers so RIT will use “uplifting” rule of setting a goal to get a RIT baseline and then set a goal to add 5% to each rank.

RIT has an equity pool to reach these goals which includes monies for Lecturers. Lecturers that are above the 50th% in their rank will get increments from the merit pool not the equity pool of monies.

Adjunct salary geared to get the best faculty. RIT uses a different compensation model for Adjuncts as shown in the chart below. RIT Adjunct Faculty Rates Final Report

RIT Adjunct Faculty Rates - Updated April 2013


Undergraduate Course Rates Per Semester Credit Hour

















Doctorate/Terminal Degree 




*Associate Hires/Offers Must Be Approved by the Provost

Graduate Course Rates Per Semester Credit Hour









Doctorate/Terminal Degree




See also these additioinal documents: RIT Adjunct Faculty Rates Final Report, RIT AAUP Local Adjunct Salaries 2008

?: MCC and UR Adjunct pay is higher?

JH: RIT & MCC rates are equal.

JH: NTID does compensation differently that the rest of RIT however they are have begun to reflect the discipline specific framework used by the other colleges of RIT.

JH: Concerned that 29% of Lecturers on the survey do not have a yearly-negotiated POW. Will address this.

JH: there is a difference between a Visiting Lecturer who is hired to “backfill” another temporarily vacant faculty position and a Visiting Assistant Professor. A Visiting Lecturer can have infinitely renewable contracts and can move around depts. and colleges. Visiting Assistant Professor has yearly renewable contract for up to 3 years and by Provost exception can be extended up to 5 years but cannot be renewed beyond that.

?: What about Lecturers that would like to get TT positions?

JH: We can chip away at this:

  • How to “allow more time” for scholarship by possibly having a POW with a 60% Lecturer and 49% Research Faculty if a department really wants to invest in you. We will need to address issues where the dept can’t afford to loose the 40%.
  • How to provide better consideration for open TT positions


TP: Lecturers can now get FEAD grants for professional development.

The RIT Adjunct Orientation portal is excellent.

Meeting adjourned.

respectfully submitted T Policano 4/16/15, revised 4/22/15