RIT AAUP Concerns


Summary of RIT AAUP Concerns for 2008-09

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Issues

1.     Pay
2.     Pay equity (discipline based?)
3.     Promotion path
4.     Promotion criteria
5.     Future status of EDF since lecturers are now defined
6.     Equipment support (ex. laptops following FAST model)
7.     Annual evaluations including using peers
8.     Tenure track hiring path for non-tenure track (adjunct) faculty
9.     Formula to calculate adjusted start date of hire for for non-tenure track faculty moving to tenure track positions
10.   Office and storage space

We intend to do a followup Adjunct Faculty Survey this year that will be slightly expanded.

Tenure Track Faculty Issues

1.  Overview/status of benchmarking history of full-time faculty

May 23 , 2007 - RIT Faculty Salary Benchmarking History prepared by Professor Jean-Guy Naud [PDF]

2.  Benefits

Perspective on self insuring of health benefits

3.  Documenting existing practice for “buy-outs” of tenured faculty

We have been tracking non-policy practices of termination of faculty through "individual buyouts"... this is currently a charge on the AS Faculty Affairs Committee.

4.  Equitable work loads

We applaude Provost initiative addressing this in his tiger teams effort

5. Faculty Promotion & Tenure

We support the concept of RIT wide mid-tenure review in the third year and the fixing of an individuals specific expections at that time.

RIT Tenure and Promotion Expectations Update DRAFT (Apr, 2008) [PDF]

6. RIT Intellectual Property Policy and the relationship to the Imagine RIT Corporate R&D Program and on-line course material ownership

Intellectual Property Policy - DRAFT to C3.0 version 12.1


Additional Supporting Documents