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We encourage articles discussing various approaches to performing the music of Haydn and his contemporaries. Approaches to Performance submissions should be 2,500-6,000 words, and we suggest such submissions be accompanied by visual (pdf) and audio (mp3) examples that demonstrate salient points. Send these submissions as Word file and pdf/mps attachments to Michael E. Ruhling at, accompanied by a cover letter (Word file) including the title, submission type (Approaches to Performance), author’s name, address, email address and telephone number. In order to allow for anonymous review the submitter’s name should only appear on the cover letter, and identifying information within the submission’s text should be avoided where possible. A 250-word abstract will be expected for any article published in HAYDN. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material in which they do not hold copyright, and for ensuring that the appropriate acknowledgments are included in the text. See “Submission Guidelines” for other details.

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