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HSNA Congratulates Marie-Hélene Bernard on her new appointment as President and CEO of the St. Louis Symphony

On behalf of the Haydn Society of North America, I’d like to extend congratulations to Marie-Hélène Bernard for her recent appointment as the President and CEO of the St. Louis Symphony.  Marie-Hélène has been Executive Director and CEO of the Boston Handel and Haydn Society (a member of HSNA) since 2007, and has done remarkable work there.

February Haydn Concerts in North America

I have started an online "Haydn Concert Calendar" that can be accessed and bookmarked here.

If you are presenting a concert that includes Haydn's music, please e-mail me at

Haydn Plaque in London to be unveiled March 24th, 2015

Mozart & Haydn, two of Europe’s greatest composers, both came to London in the eighteenth century. Mozart’s visit was in 1764, when he and his sister performed as child prodigies for King George III.

Haydn in a cameo role at the "Big Bang"

Haydn has a cameo role in this Boston Globe article about M.I.T. physicist Alan Guth and the Big Bang. Guth holds the chair named for the late physicist and music lover Victor Weisskopf, who is memorably quoted saying of the "Let there be Light!" moment in Haydn's Creation, “There cannot be a more beautiful and impressive artistic rendition of the beginning of everything.”

New Publications in 2014

Here is a list of new publications in 2014 that may be of interest to members of the HSNA:

Christian Speck, ed., Boccherini Studies: New Evidence.

Ut Orpheus, 2014. 382 pp. €73.95. ISBN: 9788881094868.