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Fall 2015 issue of HAYDN: Online Journal of the HSNA, Vol. 5.2 now online!

Beautiful Haydn  by Nancy November
Nancy November reviews ideas of the beautiful from Burke, Michaelis, Kant, and others, and relates these ideas to Haydn's own statements on beauty, and to his music.  In so doing, she cleverly opens up a parallel discussion to Haydn's much-studied sublime character, which will surely yield future research and discussion. 
Work in Progress
Diplomats as Musical Agents in the Age of Haydn  by Mark Ferraguto
This is a preview of Mark Ferraguto's lengthier study regarding the complex and active relationships between some of Europe's most influential political figures and famous composers in Vienna in the decades around 1800. He names the most active music aficionados among the diplomatic corps, and identifies three specific ways in which these diplomats facilitated "musical exchanges" between and within courts.*
*For those of you attending the AMS conference in Louisville this week, please join us for the business meeting on Saturday, November 14th, 12:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in the Sampson Room. After the business reports, Mark will deliver a paper on this topic. We hope to have a lively discussion, so please read this preview if you have the chance.
Printed Edition Review: Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in D minor, Op. 103—completed as a four-movement work by William Drabkin  by Anthony Martin
Recording Review: Recent Recordings of Haydn's Music by Fortepianists Sylvia Berry and Patrick Hawkins  by Michael Weiss
Marianna Martines: A Woman Composer in the Vienna of Mozart and Haydn  by Bertil van Boer