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HSNA Mini-Conference, 2-3 November 2016

Haydn Society of North America mini-conference, 2-3 November 2016,
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel, Port Alberni Room

A mini-conference of the Haydn Society of North America (HSNA) will take place Wednesday, November 2 and Thursday morning, November 3, at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Center Hotel, Port Alberni Room, prior to the meeting of the American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory. The HSNA sessions include presentations on Haydn’s aesthetics, sonata theory, and new directions in Haydn scholarship, delivered by an international list of scholars. Additionally, HSNA and New Beethoven Research are co-hosting a paper session on Haydn-Beethoven intersections, and some social events. Registration is required. For more information, including a list of presentations, schedule of events and online registration, please visit the following website: If you have questions, or would like to receive a physical copy of the registration form, please contact Michael E. Ruhling (  

Wednesday, November 2

8:15-9:00:  Breakfast gathering (co-hosted with the New Beethoven Research Pre-conference)
9:00-noon: Haydn and Beethoven Intersections (HSNA & New Beethoven Research Pre-conference)
Erica Buurman, “Haydn, Beethoven, and the Viennese Fine Artists’ Pension Society”
James MacKay, “Beethoven’s Haydnesque Heritage: Echoes of Haydn’s Opus 17 and 20 String Quartets in Beethoven’s Opus 18”
James Palmer, “End Games: Beethoven’s and Haydn’s Play with Endings in their Op. 33 No. 2s”
Jason Yust, “Hypermeter, Form, and Closure in the Development of Beethoven’s Style”

2:00-5:00: Haydn's Aesthetics (HSNA)
Katherine Walker, “The ‘Grand Architect’: Gerard’s Theory of Genius and Haydn’s Aesthetics of Process”
Alexandra Amati-Camperi, “Haydn’s L’anima del filosofo, ossia Orfeo ed Euridice and contemporary political (mis)appropriation”
Tekla Babyak, “The Flawed Cosmos in Kant’s Astronomy and Haydn’s Creation”
Eloise Boisjoli, “Affective Strategies of Sensibility in the Slow Movements of Haydn’s String Quartets”

5:30-6:15 Lecture Recital (HSNA & New Beethoven Research Pre-conference)
Katharina Uhde and R. Larry Todd, “‘Zu brillant’—The Original Finale of Beethoven’s Violin Sonata in A major, Op. 30 No. 1, and Its Assimilation into the Kreutzer Sonata, or, What’s in a Chord?”

6:15-7:15:  Reception (co-hosted with the New Beethoven Research Pre-conference)

Wednesday Evening 7:30-9:00: Haydn and Sonata Theory (HSNA)
Steven Mathews, “Haydn and the Type 2 Sonata: Development, Correspondence, and Tonal Return”
Yoel Greenberg, “‘Altered Recapitulations’ in Early Haydn and his Contemporaries, and their Implications for Understanding the Role of the Double Return”

Thursday, November 3

9:00-noon: New Directions in Haydn Scholarship (HSNA)
Ulrich Wilker, “The 1963 Edition of Haydn’s Last Three Symphonies gets a Critical Report” 
David Schildkret, “The English Libretto of The Creation Reexamined”
James P. Cassaro, “Haydn in Latrobe: Providing Context to Manuscripts Held at St. Vincent College"
Caryl Clark and Sarah Day-O'Connell, “CHE update: an overview and progress report on the Cambridge Haydn Encyclopedia project”