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The new Fall Issue of Haydn: Online Journal of the HSNA will be available Friday 1 November 2013

HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America

Issue 3.2 (Fall 2013) is available Friday, November 1—

Haydn and Form: Honoring the 50th Anniversary of Jens Peter Larsen's "Sonata Form Problems."

At last fall's annual business meeting of the Haydn Society of North America, the Society's secretary Alexander Ludwig suggested that the Society recognize the 50th anniversary of the 1963 publication of Jens Peter Larsen's seminal article "Sonatenform-Probleme."  Following up on that suggestion, most of the articles contained in this issue address structural topics in Haydn, and a few other form-related articles will appear in subsequent issues. 



Sonata Form Problems

by Jens Peter Larsen (1963), as translated by Jerald C. Graue (1978/88).

We honor the 50th anniversary of the publication of Jens Peter Larson's 1963 essay "Sonatenform-Probleme," and the 25th anniversary of the publication of Jerald C. Graue's English translation of the essay as "Sonata Form Problems" in Haydn, Handel, and the Viennese Classical Style (1988), by publishing this transcription of Prof. Graue's own typed document of the translation, which includes hand-written corrections and addenda. 

Haydn and the Analysis Wars: A View from the Sidelines

by Mary Sue Morrow

Mary Sue Morrow reviews a number of systems for analyzing sonata form that followed Larsen's essay, and demonstrates how combining aspects of Jan LaRue's and Hepakoski/Darcy's analytic approaches can enhance our understanding and appreciation of the delightful ambiguities and formal quirks of Haydn’s music.

On Not Inviting Difficulties in Haydn’s Symphonies

by Benjamin Korstvedt

Taking his cue from Larsen's statement that the so-called textbook view of sonata form "invites difficulties," Benjamin Korstvedt explores the "difficulties" created by Haydn's medial tonic returns and false recapitulations in the C-major symphonies. 

More than a copy: Joseph Haydn’s Menuet al roverso in context

by Balázs Mikusi

Balázs Mikusi discusses the crab canon in the minuet of Haydn's Symphony No. 47 in the context of its predecessors, and suggests that as Haydn's symphony faded from prominence, so did the menuet al roverso genre.

The Farewell Symphony Between Paris and Russia

by John A. Rice

Using Sergei Bondarchuk’s use of the finale of Haydn’s "Farewell" Symphony in the cinematization of Tolstoy’s War and Peace (1965–67) as a starting point, John A. Rice investigates the likelihood of this symphony being known in Russia before 1790.



Review of David Damschroder’s Harmony in Haydn and Mozart

by James MacKay

James MacKay reviews Damschroder's new, very detailed study, published by Cambridge University Press.



Haydn Documents in North America:  Boston Handel and Haydn Society Part Books from 1827 and 1828


Haydn Documents in North America:  Library of Congress Collection of Joseph and Michael Haydn Holograph Photographs

by Michael E. Ruhling

While Haydn's own autographs and other primary source materials found mainly in Europe rightfully have received the most scholarly attention, performance materials in the Handel and Haydn Society archives held at the Boston Public Library, and a Library of Congress collection of pre-WWII photographic images of a number of autograph scores from the Esterházy archives, can prove useful to scholars here in the U. S.