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Recent Literature on Haydn

What follows is a list of relatively new books, essays, articles, and blogs that might be of interest to the readership. Items that have appeared in earlier issues of the HSNA Newsletter are not listed here.  Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by the HSNA and the information has been culled from various sources.  If you have a recent contribution regarding Haydn and would like it included in the next installment, please email

Birson, Adem Merter. Haydn's dramatic dissonances: Chromaticism and formal process in his string quartets, Opp. 9 and 17. Ph.D. Dissertation. Cornell University, 2015.

Blahak, Christian, Hansjög Bäzner and Michael Hennerici. "Joseph Haydn's encephalopathy: New aspects." In Music, Neurology, and Neuroscience: Historical connections and perspectives. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier, 2015.

Burstein, L. Poundie. "Strolling Through a Haydn Divertimento with Two Heinrichs." In Bach to Brahms: Essays on musical design and structure, 9-22. Edited by David Beach and Josef Goldenberg. Eastman Studies in Music, no. 122. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester, 2015.

Cornaz, Marie. The Dukes of Arenberg and Music in the Eighteenth Century: The Story of a Music Collection. Turnhout: Brepols, 2015.

Libin, Kathryn L., editor. Haydn and His Contemporaries II. Ann Arbor, MI: Steglein, 2015.

Lorenz, Michael. "Six More Unknown Godchildren of Joseph Haydn." March 1, 2015.

Mastic, Timothy. "Normative Wit: Haydn's recomposed recapitulations."Music theory online, 21(2) -June 2015.

Neuwirth, Markus. "Is There a Musical Task in the First Movement of Haydn's "Oxford" Symphony? Voice-leading schemata and intrinsic formal functions." Music Theory and Analysis 2, no. 2: 194-203.

Sackmann, Dominik. "'Nun ist die erste Pflicht erfüllt': Der Sündenfall in Joseph Haydn's Schöpfung im Spannungsfeld von Musikwissenschaft und Interpretation." In Communication Music: Festschrift für Ernst Lichtenhahn zum 80. Geburtstag, 323-352. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, 2015.

Schubert, Peter. "Contrapuntal Thinking in Haydn." SMT-V: Videocast journal of the Society for Music Theory, 1(2).

Stone-Davis, Férdia J. "Music and World-Making: Haydn's String Quartet in E-flat Major (Op. 33, no. 2). In Music and Transcendence, 125-145. Edited by Férdia Stone-Davis. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2015.


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