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Editor's message

I am honored to be serving the Haydn Society of North America as the new editor for the online Newsletter. Peter Alexander served as the newsletter's first editor, and I know that many of you share in my gratitude for his leadership, service, and conscientious work in this forum. The RIT Press supports this platform for member news, announcements of publications, grants, conferences, and concerts and this allows us to communicate information in a more timely manner than that offered by an equivalent print publication.

I cultivate various Haydn-related information as I am able, but would ask the membership to help me by sending me relevant news items of both personal accomplishments and academic events that would be of interest to Society members. In addition, I maintain a Haydn Concert Calendar to highlight performances of Haydn's music that are taking place in North America.

You may send all news items to me at

I look forward to seeing the Newsletter flourish with Haydn-related news from all over North America!

Rebecca G. Marchand

Newsletter Editor, Haydn Society of North America


Welcome to the new and improved HSNA Newsletter! 

 The Haydn Society of North America and the RIT Press are pleased to have initiated this electronic Newsletter in tandem with HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America.  On behalf of the members of the HSNA, I would also like to thank the staff of the RIT Press, in particular Laura DiPonzio Heise, Molly Cort, and David Pankow, for their support in publishing both the journal and now this newsletter, and to Ryan Ammerman for his expertise in setting up the newsletter and making all of this electronic magic work.  Please check back frequently for all of the latest updates.  The most recent items are listed below.

Michael E. Ruhling

President, Haydn Society of North America

Editorial Director, HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America