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Recent Dissertations

Dissertations completed since 2010 that include “Haydn” as a keyword:

Mark C. Ferraguto, ‘Between two giants’: Style and Aesthetics in Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony and the Works of 1806-1807”

Ph.D. in Musicology, Cornell University, 2012; James Webster, advisor

Erin W. Jerome, “Disguise, Deception, and the Development of Haydn’s Dramatic Voice in the Comic Operas of 1766-1777”

Ph.D. in Musicology, Brandeis University, 2011; Michael McGrade, advisor

Anna M. Leverenz, “The Debated Authenticity of Franz Joseph Haydn’s Concertos for Horn: An Historical and Theoretical Approach to Attribution”

D.M.A. in Horn Performance, University of Cincinnati, 2011; Randy Gardner, advisor

Deirdre Loughridge, “Technologies of the Invisible: Optical Instruments and Musical Romanticism”

Ph.D. in Music, University of Pennsylvania, 2011; Jeffrey Kallberg, advisor

Patrick Wood Uribe, “Form as Reasoned Freedom: Adolph Bernhard Marx’s Theoretical and Critical Writings in the Context of German Romantic Philosophy”

Ph.D. in Musicology, Princeton University, 2011; Scott G. Burnham, advisor