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Spring issue of the HSNA Journal, dedicated to 'The Creation,' is now online


HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America

Issue 3.1 (Spring 2013)


The Creation: Perspectives on Perception and Performance

The Spring 2013 issue of HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America is now available at This is the first of several issues dedicated to a single topic that will appear the next few years.  Each of these topical issues will include not only the latest in Haydn musicological research, but also items that teachers, performers, scholars from other fields, and admirers of Haydn's music will find interesting and informative.   As part of this new format, you will notice modifications to some of our submission categories, and the addition of a "Research Tools" area.  The Haydn Biographical Outline that occupied this spot on the home page has been moved there, and we will continue to add additional items to it apropos to the topics at hand.  We hope these Research Tools will prove helpful to teachers and scholars of all levels.   


Melanie Lowe, "Creating Chaos in Haydn's Creation.  

Melanie Lowe (Vanderbilt University) formulates a pathway for understanding the music and the message of The Creation by reviewing scholarship regarding Haydn's evocation of the sublime and beautiful, and considering other cultural ideas surrounding its composition and reception at the end of the Enlightenment. 

 János Malina, "Haydn and The Creation in Buda, March 1800."

János Malina (Hungarian Haydn Society) uses newspaper reports and other documents to contextualize the 8 March 1800 performance of The Creation at the Royal Castle in Buda, under Haydn's direction.

John Rogers, "'Begin at the Beginning': Haydn, Milton, and the Competitive Drama of The Creation."

Milton scholar John Rogers (Yale University) compares rhetorical devices in The Creation to those in Paradise Lost to suggest that Haydn's choice of this particular topic and libretto was in part due to his perceived need to loosen up the iron grip on the oratorio genre that Handel enjoyed.  


Research Tools

Michael Ruhling,  "Annotated Bibliography:  The Creation."

Michael Ruhling (President, Haydn Society of North America) provides a comprehensive list of scholarly items pertaining to The Creation published in English since 1982, with summaries and annotations.


Reviews and Reactions

William Weinert, "Review:  The Creation Performance Editions."

Noted choral conductor William Weinert (Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester) reviews currently available vocal-piano editions, full scores, and performance parts of The Creation, and offers valuable insights regarding text and translations, rehearsals, and the role of scholarship in performance.