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New York State Pollution Prevention Institute

Child Care

In New York state, there are over 20,000 child care businesses, and roughly 75% of them are licensed and registered home-based facilities. Many of these business owners are able to make simple, affordable changes in purchasing and policies that may lead to significant increases in overall environmental health for children, as well as for child care staff.

Established in 2009, the Child Care initiative was created in response to concerns from child care business owners and parents about the increased rates of recalled toys and children's products containing hazardous chemicals, such as led and other heavy metals, as well as increased desire from providers and parents to "green" their businesses and homes to reduce potential health risks for children in their care.

Over the last six years NYSP2I and its partners have successfully researched and collaborated to understand the needs of the child care community and legislation in NYS related to this industry. Through these New York state child care organizational partnerships NYSP2I has supported workshops to hundreds of child care providers, as well as to Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR) professional trainers, and many direct assistance opportunities to providers.

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NYSP2I's Child Care Sector project aims to reduce the exposure of children to hazardous materials and increase the efficiency of childcare operations and the manufacture of children's products. This will lead to reductions in energy, water, and solid waste in operations and the exposure of childrent to potentially hazardous materials within children's products and toys.