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New York State Pollution Prevention Institute

Sustainable Food Program

NYSP2I has worked on a variety of initiatives with the food and beverage production sector, including projects with over 50 food production companies across New York state. NYSP2I's focus is on providing food waste resource location, direct business and technical expertise, industry workshops, workforce training and engineering assessments that aim to reduce operational cost and environmental impacts. NYSP2I has funded multiple applied research and development projects designed to drive innovation in energy and water efficiency, food process waste reduction and utilization of food by-products in waste-to-energy conversion.

NYSP2I has partnered with a number of major food production stakeholders to better understand, develop and validate innovated methods and solutions to drive "processor profitability" through innovations in energy, water and waste reduction. See our past food & beverage workshops for examples of training that can be provided to your employees, or view our food industry resources to learn more about best practices and corporate reporting requirements. 

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Areas of Focus

Outreach & Assistance: Addresses food related businesses’ immediate needs and gives an avenue for information sharing.

Typical Services  

  • Help businesses quantify their own food waste
  • Identify waste outlets for generators and potential sources for organics haulers and recyclers
  • Training/education

Food Waste Tool Box: Continue to develop a set of online tools to help businesses.

Available Resources

  • Step-by-step guide to food waste reduction
  • Self-assessment tool
  • Clearinghouse website
  • Interactive map providing food related information
  • Food waste estimator tool
  • Municipality Planning Guide

Applied Research: Involved in long-term strategic thinking focused on enabling food system organization in reducing costs and the environmental burden of generating and managing food waste.

Topics of Interest:

  • Low volume digesters
  • Pure food waste digestion
  • Food waste pretreatment methods
  • Optimizing food waste disposal pathways

Best Practices Throughout New York State

Reducing Food Waste

Wastewater Management Toolbox for Food Industries

Welcome to the “Wastewater Management Toolbox for Food Industries!” The purpose of this toolbox is to assist companies with finding cost-effective, sustainable approaches to solid separation and organic loading reducing within their wastewater streams.

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