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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I’m new to this subject. What should I know about the food waste dilemma?

A: Check out the content and videos on this page for lots of information on the subject of wasted food.

Food Waste Management

Q: I know I generate food waste but I don’t know how much. How do I figure this out?

A: For a ballpark estimate, try using this estimation calculator. For a more accurate figure, consider conducting a food waste assessment at your facility utilizing our Food Waste Assessment Toolbox.

Q: How do I find composters or digesters in my area?

A: Try using our Organics Resource Locator and filtering the map by the facilities you’re interested in.

Q: I’ve already completed a food waste assessment, but I want to do more. Do you have any suggestions?

A: The next step is understanding your options. Now that you have the key information, visit this page, where you will find a Step-by-Step guide to managing your food waste. You’ve already taken the first two steps, so pick up at Step 3: Consider Your Options. If you want hands on assistance, contact NYSP2I for more help.

Q: I’m thinking of expanding my organics processing facility or starting a new one in NYS. What considerations should I be making?

A: This page will give you a high level overview of the process you’ll have to go through. However, for specifics you’ll need to get in touch with the NYSDEC office in your region.

Q: I want to divert my food scraps and excess food, but I’m worried it will cost me money. How can I do this cost effectively?

A: Reducing the amount of food waste you produce is the most effective way to save money. Whether or not you will save money diverting food waste depends a lot on where you’re located and what your landfill disposal costs are in comparison to your local diversion options. It is more realistic to find a cost competitive or cost neutral option than a cost savings when diverting food waste. Use this mapping tool to find facilities near you to contact about pricing.

Available Resources for Businesses

Q: What funding is available for businesses trying to implement food waste reduction and diversion methods?

A: Visit our funding page, that outlines the different options available.

Common Concerns

Q:  I am having difficulty keeping contamination levels down when source separating my food waste. How can I improve this?

A: Visit our source separation page, which outlines the best practices for source separating food waste as well as ways to ease into the practice at your own business.

Q: I have excess edible food that ends up being thrown away. I want to donate more, but I’m nervous about liability. Should I be?

A: There are significant protections for businesses making food donations in good faith. Read more about how you’re protected here.

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