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NYSP2I Self-assessment Toolbox

NYSP2I Self-assessment Toolbox

Following several food waste assessments conducted by NYSP2I at foodservice, restaurant, and grocery operations all across the state, a self-assessment toolset was developed for these types of businesses and organizations. The toolset contains a How-to Guide along with several Supporting Documents including: Log Sheets, Best Practices guides, and Excel-based Results templates shown below, which are specific to each business sector, i.e. Grocery/Retail, Healthcare, and Foodservice operations. To get started, we recommend downloading the How-to Guide as well as the set of supporting documents related to your sector. 

How-to Guide

Step-by-step directions to perform a self-assessment and discover the types, sources, and quantities of food waste in your operations. The process has three straightforward phases; planning, the self-assessment, and analysis of results.

Self Assessment How-to Guide


12 Step Assessment Process:

Supporting Documents

Three separate documents uniquely created by sector (Grocers, Healthcare and Foodservice) in order to account for the different challenges/opportunities faced by each as well as transfer lessons learned from NYSP2I's hands on experience.

  • Log Sheets: To be printed and used during the assessment. Information documented on the Log Sheets directly correlate to what will be added to the Results Templates.
  • Best Practices: Include suggestions for assessment logistics, tips on what to note during the assessment, and details on how to use the Results Templates. 
  • Results Templates: Log Sheet data feeds into the (Excel based) Results Template to automatically generate details on the waste by source, type and disposal method. 

Files, including filled out examples, are located below under each sector heading.

Click (+) to view relevant supporting documents for each sector